It Should Have Been Lemonade: Did Racism Steal Beyoncé’s Much Deserved Grammy?


By: Krystle Crossman

It has been a week since the Grammys but there is still one question that is on everyone’s mind…why didn’t Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” win Album of the Year? Among those wondering this is the winner of the award herself, Adele. While she was grateful for the award she made an impassioned speech questioning the award decision. She came out and said, “What the **** does Beyoncé have to do to win Album of the Year?” Lauryn Hill was the last black woman to win Album of the Year in 1999. Beyoncé has been nominated three times for the award however she has lost out every time. Adele said that while she was thankful for the honor she felt that Beyoncé, who she called the “artist of her life”, deserved the award.

The Grammys have been under scrutiny for some time now because they seem to be overrun by white artists winning awards. Well-known feminist Shelby Knox sent out a Twitter response to Adele’s speech and stated, “Fellow white women, we should take notes from Adele. A black woman did better work, racism robbed her of recognition, call it out.” Adele said that Beyoncé has worked too long and too hard to not win the award. She was classy and gracious while delivering her speech.

“Lemonade” was a groundbreaking album that was not only filled with passionate and inspiring songs, but it had an amazing visual setting as well. The entire album was turned into a short film of sorts that depicted the true feelings of all of the songs. You could feel the pain and emotion coming through the screen with her songs and see the love that she had for the music and art that she was making. Beyoncé is the most nominated artist in Grammy history and yet she still has not won an Album of the Year award. Many people feel that the reason that “Lemonade” did not win the award because it speaks to black women and empowers them to be themselves and fight through the blatant racism that still exists in our country today. Writer Emma Gray states that white women should be using their privilege as a platform to speak out about racism and to empower black women at the same time.



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