Items Every Domestic Violence Victim Should Have Ready


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Basketball Wives cast member Tonya Young Williams has been through domestic violence before. In 2009 she filed for divorce from her NBA star husband Jayson Williams. The reason that she gave for filing was physical violence. She has been upfront about her story and is now trying to help other women in the same situation. She states that not many women who are abused leave for a variety of reasons but when they do leave they are not prepared for what they are about to face.

Unfortunately, leaving also doesn’t mean that they can escape the person that they are leaving unless they are well-prepared for it. Williams says that she has a “kit” that every woman who is in a violent relationship should build so that when they finally decide enough is enough they will be ready.

One of the many reasons that women do not leave the men who abuse them is because of money. He may have complete control over their finances so the woman feels that if she left she would be out on the street with nowhere to go and no money to support herself. Another reason that many women stay with their abusers is because they feel that they are safer there than if they left. Unfortunately many women that do leave are often stalked or harassed by the men that they leave. Many women are often killed even after they leave their abusers.

Williams has been able to escape that life and says that there is a survival kit that all women should make up and keep hidden if they are being abused so that they will be able to get what they need when they leave. The items that should be included are:

– A spare set of car and house keys. Men often try to take the keys so that they are not able to take their car and go. Have a spare set hiding so that you can still get out.

– Money. Set aside cash and coins. You may need to use a payphone so the coins will come in handy and cash will get you away at least for a little bit until you can figure things out.

– Important documents: Keep copies of all of your important documents such as your license, birth certificate, and social security card. Keeping your passport locked away is a good idea too.

While you may not be able to build a new life with these items they will certainly help you to get out of your situation and give you a little time to figure out what you are going to do once you have left.


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  1. It is also good to have a “minute” or “throwaway” cell phone that he doesn’t know about, as there aren’t that many “pay phones” anymore….at least not where I live.

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