It’s Not Cancer: 9 Different [email protected] Pains Explained


By: Krystle Crossman

[email protected] cancer is very prevalent in the US. Unfortunately it seems that everyone knows someone who has passed away from it or who was diagnosed with it at one point in their lives. This can lead us to feel like every little bump or pain in our [email protected] is automatically cancer. Here are nine reasons why you should not worry as much about having [email protected] cancer and what these pains may actually be. Obviously if you notice something that is definitely out of the ordinary you should go get checked out by a doctor, but do not get in the mindset that you have cancer right away.

1. PMS – Right before we get our period our hormones are running wild. This affects your [email protected] They become very painful to the point where even walking up stairs hurts. This is because the progesterone and estrogen that are coursing through your body are affecting your milk ducts.

2. Caffeine – If you have had too much coffee you may experience pain. This is because the caffeine acts as a dilator for your blood vessels which increases blood flow. This can often cause pain in the chest. Women who cut down their caffeine intake usually notice quite a difference.

3. Zuska’s disease – This is when a cluster of small abscesses form right under the areola. It can cause a lot of pain and discharge. It is often misdiagnosed as cancer but can be cleared up with antibiotics.

4. Mastitis – Bacterial infections can happen in the [email protected] tissues. These must be treated by a doctor and can be very painful.

5. Costochondritis – This is actually and arthritis pain that occurs between the [email protected] and the ribcage but it feels like it is in your chest. It can occur in older women who have had poor posture.

6. Wrong bra – If you continue to use an old bra that does not fit like it should anymore you are causing yourself pain that you don’t need to be. The elastic wears and does not give the support that it should.

7. Fibrocystic [email protected] condition – This occurs in around half of all women. It makes the tissue feel ropelike and lumpy and usually occurs right before your period.

8. Pain from trauma – Pain from a trauma to the chest can last for years after the incident.

9. Thoracic Outlet syndrome – This is a neurological condition that compresses the many nerves that are in the [email protected]


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