It’s Not Lack of $ex Drive; Why You’re Not $exing Up Your Man Like You Should


By: Krystle Crossman

There are some women who find that they have a very low s*x drive. Sometimes they feel as if it is gone for good. Many will go to the doctor to see what is wrong with them thinking that it is a medical issue when in fact it is something that is very psychological. If you find that you are experiencing a low s*x drive take a look at these five psychological possibilities that you may not think are an issue at first:

1. You feel like your husband is controlling you: You may feel that you have no control in your marriage whether it is about money, where you go, or who you are able to be friends with. Not many people like to be controlled like this and it can make s*x not as enjoyable as it should be. S*x is one of the few things in a marriage that a woman has control over when she has a controlling partner.

2. You aren’t attracted to your husband anymore: While you may not consciously realize it you may not be attracted to your husband any longer. His appearance may have changed since you have been married or he has let his personality that you fell in love with slip. Whatever the reason you just don’t find him desirable any longer. To overcome this you can try and suggest a change such as exercising together to get back into shape.

3. You have anger towards your husband: When you get into a big fight the anger can last. Even if you feel that you have been able to work the issues out there still may be some anger that lurks deep down that could stick around for year. Communicate openly with your husband and if you cannot do that speak with a therapist to try and resolve the anger issue.

4. You are stressed out: When you are stressed s*x is probably the last thing on your mind. You are tired from a long day at work or have had so much housework to do you can’t even think straight. Take an hour every day and have some “you” time to help you relax and get rid of some stress

5. You have no communication: When you get comfortable in your daily lives you end up talking about the kids or work but never about each other. A small compliment can go a long way for both you and your husband.



  1. When an argument or disagreement is over & settled & your still hanging on to anger you have much more than intimacy problems & this relationship like all the others will go by the wayside, till you get help

  2. Julian Steptoe on

    These issues are not gender based, but are likely equally potentially present in any partner to a relationship.

  3. Do not forget to list the lack of trust and respect. If my wife cannot trust or respect me how can she let herself go when we are together.
    Trust can be a difficult issue. The woman doesn’t feel that they can trust you so the passion begins to run low. You step out and now she trust you less.

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