Iyanla Tells Women What To Do To Open Themselves Up To Love


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Iyanla Vanzant has opened herself up to love and in a recent interview she has revealed the five ways that you can do this as well.

1. Don’t try to impose conditions that you can’t control. Don’t use the phrases “If you really love me you would…” or “If I loved you more I would…”. Those phrases will close you off to true love as your partner will think that love always comes with conditions or an ultimatum. You will be disappointed when the person that you are asking a favor of says no. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love you but you may think that after using that phrase.

2. You cannot get everything that you need from another person, so don’t expect it. Everything you need in life comes from different places. Love is something that we should enjoy; not something that we use to fill a void in life.

3. Serve others in life. You cannot take and take without some give as well. Give to others without the expectation of getting anything back from them. This can open you up to a host of good things and will definitely open you up to love.

4. Heal past wounds. If you don’t let yourself heal from the past how will you ever move on? You will hold yourself back from new experiences because of what has hurt you in the past. Let it go so that you can move on.

5. Embrace the acceptance that you get from others. Learning to be okay with everyone that you have in your life and not want more is something that will help you to open up to love because you will not be looking for something to fill a void.



  1. I appreciate the article it has revealed several issues of discord that I have made attempts to Let Go of. I have found these emotions to be very Petty & manipulating. I will access my personal interest and desires and use al my efforts to conform my conditioned mind set to Release Unhealthy frustrating emotions. Free At Last From the Dysfunctional Learned Behaviors from those past Trapped Feelings. I am A Work In Progress Very Enlighten To Reinvent & Openly Construct The Best In Me to **SHINE**..

  2. Women have it so easy. as men we have to pay for who we think is loving us. as women you get support for hospitality. all you have to is do is love who’s loving you.

    • Studchop, very incorrect from where I stand. We women more times than not give & give & give to selfish, arrogant, undeserving men who find it so easy to jump from woman to woman with no regard to our feelings. I see women who fall in love and remain in love with their man, only to find that he has been spreading himself thin to many. I’ve seen and heard it over & over again where the “cheating” has caused many a heartbreak to many….lets look at Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Arnold Schwartz (can’t spell that)…etc, need i go on….

  3. Thanks for a great article. You words guided me on a path through your book acts of faith and now this journey is heightened as you express your take on love. I pray only God’s blessings over your life.

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