Jada Pinkett Smith: “I Have Failed …Through Failure I Have Learned”


will-jadaBy Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

The more I learn and read about Jada Pinkett-Smith, the more I am convinced that she is a very wise woman. Of course not all the credit can be given to her alone, but her and her husband have sustained a marriage for 16 years while also maintaining thriving careers for all of their family members. Anytime I see Jada post some advice, I am sure to read it and really think about what she is saying.

In a recent Facebook post, the celebrity Mom reached out to a friend anonymously and gave the following words of advice and encouragement:

A letter to a friend:

You took on that special project at work and it failed, miserably. Well, I have won at a lot of things, but I have failed at much more. Because of this, I have learned to embrace failure because failure has never failed to deliver me from something. Through failure I have learned to discard behavior and attitudes that no longer service me. I have learned to conquer fears. I have strengthened and matured. Failure has always brought me the gift needed to prepare me for the next win. And there is ALWAYS another win waiting for us on the horizon.

Failure is not a curse, it’s an awakening;)


I was particularly touched by Jada’s words today because I recently faced a set-back that made me feel demoralized and unmotivated. I was able to dust myself off and return to my normal self soon enough and Jada put into words the very process that I had to go through. I had to realize that because things were not going the way I wanted them to or the way that I thought they would, it was time to stop and re-evaluate myself, my intentions and what I was working towards accomplishing.

Failure is never the final word unless we make it so. If we take our failures and set-backs and learn from them, we will always win, eventually.

Has your “failure” ever led you to a better place?

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  1. Great Article. Jada’s a very mature strong seasoned woman in character through lessons in life learned. Her messages are always deep (DEEP CALL-ETH UNTO DEEP)…

    The answer is always.. It’s never about the A+, its only about getting through the test to step to the next level of maturity into more deeper “WISDOM KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING”.
    It’s endless because God is endless: *The race is not given to the swift, neither is it given to the strong, but to the ones who “ENDURE” to the (END) because it is our true call / our true identity = Chosen to.

  2. that piece of information was good, however, i will take no advice from her as far as parenting. when I see her approval of the things she allow her daughter to do, speaks very low in my opinion.

    • Anthony Brewley on

      It’s her allowing her children the freedom to be free..you need not ascribe to her parenting skills,but judging how she raises her kids is no concern of yours…do you,let her do her thing..

  3. LaQuetta Ward on

    I would like to thank Jada for the words of wisdom recently I took a chance and used a portion of my tax refund to self publish a book that has yet to sell any copies. It left me feeling like such a failure but I realize now that I have not failed I just haven’t gotten the success that I was going for so I am going to keep trying to make it until I succeed and reevaluate my options.

  4. Be strong and of good cheer Jada… God’s gotcha back… religion is a destroyer. All God want you to do is continue growing… keep your eyes off everybody else and keep them steadfast on God.

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