Jada Pinkett-Smith Says 20 Years Later Will Still Can’t Keep His Eyes Off Of Her


downloadBy: Serena Crawford

Jada Pinkett-Smith may be over 40 but she is certainly not looking any worse for the wear! She was featured on the cover of Shape Magazine and is looking absolutely gorgeous. Shape interviewed her about her lifestyle and workout habits. She told them all about how she is able to keep her body fit and toned while leading a busy lifestyle as the star of the new series “Gotham”.

Jada joked that she works out because her husband of 20 years, Will Smith, still cannot keep his eyes off of her. That is just one of the reasons that she goes to the gym to maintain a healthy body. She said the other reason is because she can go to the gym and forget about everything else that is going on in life just for that time. She can focus on her workouts and not have to think about stress from her job or the millions of things that she has to do for the day. It is a time to escape and she loves it. This is probably true for many of us who go to the gym as it is a great place to remove your thoughts and just enjoy the feeling of your workout.

Shape asked Jada where she got her “tough girl” persona from. She stated that she grew up in Baltimore and out on the streets when walking around she had to make sure that she put off an attitude that showed people she was not someone to mess with. Now that she feels like she is in a much safer place she says that she does not have to have that persona any longer and is able to focus on the things that matter the most to her like compassion and love.

Pinkett-Smith stands at five feet tall and weighs in at 108 pounds. She says that even though she is petite she still has an inner confidence that is gained by never thinking that she is short. She thinks of herself as a tall person who can stand up for what she believes in and the confidence comes through.



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  2. Jada Pickett-Smith, yes your body looks good, but unless you plan to share it with other men why do you display it for all to see, why do you want to show your body to other men, unless Will Smith is not enough for you, and you want any man to see your nudity, to lust for your flesh, against God’s Word. Have some decency in your life. And do not lust for other men. But rather follow God’s Word in your life.

  3. WOW, with all the things going on in the world, so why is this important? Can the shape of Jada Pinkett-Smith help free Black people?

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