Jada Pinkett-Smith Speaks Out About The Mistreatment of Women


By: Krystle Crossman

Assault on women is a huge epidemic these days. They are drugged, they are [email protected], and they are degraded. Jada Pinkett-Smith spoke out on a case that happened recently where a 16 year old girl named Jada was drugged, [email protected], and then mocked on social media. The girl had found photos of herself lying [email protected] on a floor all over social media and the person that was doing it instigating horrible comments about what happened to her at that party. She was with her friend and thought that she was in a safe place and ended up being abused. This is something that happens all too often.

Pinkett-Smith spoke about the horror of this young girl’s story on Facebook. She also spoke about it in an interview with at the Television Critics Association panel. She said that on the same weekend that this young girl was drugged and [email protected], her niece was also drugged at a party. Pinkett-Smith’s niece is 20 years old and was with friends when she began to feel strange. She said that she couldn’t feel something and then passed out. Fortunately she was with responsible friends who took her to lie down in a room and didn’t let anyone in until she had woken up over three hours later. It is a scary situation that happens all too often and usually happens when the girls think that they are safe with friends.

Pinkett-Smith says that she is trying to teach her daughter, Willow who is now 13, all about how to spot the dangers that are around her and what to do in a situation like that. She says that by no means does she state that it is the victims fault or that women are asking for it but everyone still needs to be aware of their surroundings and looking for potential threats. She empowers Willow to put herself first and be an independent person. She says while this doesn’t necessarily mean that she is safe from danger it does mean that Willow will be prepared for situations that may someday come her way.



  1. I agree with Jada but I have come to realize that women are their own worst enemy! They seem to refuse to walk away from these types of situations. They never check the background of the man they are involved with, if he kicked one woman’s butt, he will kick yours so why get involved with him??

  2. Before I met my hubby I used to hang with my girls we’d go to house parties. Some of the females was off the chain gettin pissy pissy and doin all kinds of sheit with dudes. When I met my dude I got bored with that sheit and started spendin time with him he was nine yrs older and wasnt into that sheit.

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