Jealousy: Why It Is Not Always Bad


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

At one time or another in our lives, we all get jealous  or envious over something or someone. It may be that we are envious because someone has more money than we do. Maybe we are jealous because our significant other is spending far too much time with his ex. Whatever the reasoning behind it the point is that we still feel it. Jealousy is not always a bad thing for you though.

The dopamine that your brain produces and your left frontal cortex are the culprits for making you feel jealousy. There are three different types of jealousy that can come from this:

– Suspicious jealousy: Feelings of mistrust and insecurity abound with this type of jealousy This is tends to get worse when you see your man flirting with someone else.

– Reactive jealousy: This takes place once you find out that you have been deceived. You may feel anxious or angry. This can also happen when you see your best friend spending a lot of time with someone new.

– Delusional jealousy: This is the point where either of the above situations has turned into a Fatal Attraction-like scenario. You will either begin stalking or you will flip out at the smallest thing, or something that isn’t even there at all (such as you thinking your man winked at another woman).

Not only will jealousy cause havoc to your brain and mental clarity but can cause problems for your body as well. When in a jealous rage you may lose eyesight and your ability to see and perceive things is diminished from the emotional charge moving through you. Your body will be thrown into the stress response and an overflow of hormones will rush through your system.

Other than the delusional jealousy, it is actually good for you every now and then. It is a motivator to protect what is yours and work harder to keep it.


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