Jennifer Hudson: 3 Things She Did To Lose Weight & Keep It Off


jennifer-hudson-before-after1By Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

We’ve all seen a lot of Jennifer Hudson lately as she struts her slim figure across the television or computer screen on behalf of the Weight Watchers weight loss management program. Just a few years ago, J-Hud was what we would fondly call a “big girl” and it is was amazing to see the transformation that she went through to arrive at her current slim figure.

While Jennifer Hudson is drawing attention because of her weight loss, she has done a great job of demonstrating what it takes to accomplish a goal. Here are three things that Jennifer Hudson did to lose weight and keep it off:

1. She got a partner or mentor to help her through the process. For J-Hud, the partnership happened to be with Weight-Watchers. By using the Weight Watchers program, she had access to information and coaching by someone or some people who has been through the process and were knowledgeable about it. For others, it could be a personal trainer or a work out buddy, but the key is to get a mentor or a friend who has a vested interest in the accomplishment of your goal and who will also keep you motivated and accountable.

2. She had fun with it! In every interview that J-Hud has done since she has lost weight, and was asked about her weigh loss, she has said that she had fun with her weight loss. She did things that she enjoyed, like playing basketball or playing with her son. When ever we set out to lose weight or accomplish some other goal, hard work is inevitable but there is no reason why we can’t create fun ways to reach our goals.

3. She is in the public eye. Anytime we make our goals public, our level of accountability goes up. Knowing that people know what we are trying to accomplish helps us keep motivated and knowing that there are people who draw inspiration from our success helps us keep going even when it gets hard and we feel like giving up. If J-Hud had secretly decided to lose weight and then failed, she could have just remained a “big girl” and no one would have ever known. Now that she is not only in the public eye, but has also tied some of her earnings (as a spokesperson for Weight Watchers) to her weight loss, she is likely to keep up the good work!

Jennifer Hudson looks great and she is an inspiration to many women who have struggled to lose weight and keep it off.

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  1. Hi J-Hudson I am really proud of you for what you have done and you look great. I just wish I could do what you have done with my body,

  2. Nice to see a positive Celebrity,like Jennifer, get some well deserved attention instead of jerks like L’l Wayne, Chris Brown & Kanye West… Loved her singing at either size & shape but this look might get her more work in TV & movies…

  3. I love the transformation that Jennifer Hudson has made. Looking good young lady. I just wish she would tell the truth about how she lost it so others can truly be inspired. She had a gastric bypass that was reported by Patti Jackson on WDAS FM Radio Station after Jennifer was rushed to the hospital while waiting to go on air at a morning TV Show. J-Hud’s camp obvious want to keep it hush-hush, so many believe that Patti was paid off to stop repeating her comments.

    • Thank you True Talk i have always said that!!!! Same with Tami Roaman it played out BBW Miami she had Lipo.true dat they r probably using the weight loss products now to keep it off.

    • If she had gastric the weightloss would have been more drastic and her body would not have looked like this. She is tight and toned. How about stop hating on someone elses efforts and except that hard work with a good program pays off! how do i know?? 131 pounds lost over here! thats how!

  4. you didnt here anything from her for over a yr. Please no one hating she just needs to tell the truth with a personal trainer the food the money sure We can do it.She is quite obsess with her weight now.Wish her wellbut when u lie you have to keep lying

  5. Jennifer looks amazing, and those that feel she had surgery, are surely obese. This girl had been through it all and then some. She deserves the recognition she is receiving and more. If the haters and jealous one’s have been through half of what she has been through, they never would have survived. Honestly, look at that left picture. Your eyes zoom into the fact that it is fat and obese. That is not attractive at all, nor is it healthy. She’s still the same girl inside. Look at her hands on both pictures. Her two middle fingers are together on both shots. Just sayin xoxoxo

    • You sound like you’re trying to compliment Jennifer, but it sounds to me like you were calling her fat, obese, and therefore ugly. Hidden in your words, is ugliness, too. She sang beautifully before and stir does. She was beautiful before and still is. What we need to ask is why is it necessary to be a toothpick to work in Hollywood? So many of those women have issues related to eating disorders.

  6. Allegedly Wgt Watchers will NOT have her as spokesperson if she had ANY type of surgery to alter her body. Surgery is against their policy. She would have been FIRED! Now a good trainer is a whole nother story! I choose 2 believe she had strenuous workouts & an XLNT trainer! U go J-HUD! Rock it!!!

  7. Kim Anderson on

    I really look up to Jennifer Hudson cause I am doing the same thing losing weight on weight watchers. Two years ago I lost 50 pounds than I
    had to quit cause my husband got laid off now I am
    back to weight watchers and I have lost 22 so far. I plan on losing 40 more pounds I really want to be 120. I have more energy and feel great. I plan on keeping it up hopefully for ever.

    Kim Anderson

  8. I am proud of J-Hud for losing weight no matter how she did it. I want to join ww or ns but I do not have the money. If you can afford them, they will take the weight off. Some of us live on limited income and cannot afford the payments and food. Wish I could. I am figuring out what to let go to join one. Good bless and keep up the good work.

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