Jennifer Hudson Says Good-Bye To Weight Watchers 80 Pounds Lighter


By: Krystle Crossman

After singer Jennifer Hudson lost an incredible 80 pounds she has decided to part ways with the company that helped her get there. Hudson told People Magazine in an interview that she will not be a spokesperson for Weight Watchers any longer but has some exciting things on the way. Hudson said that she is very grateful for everything that Weight Watchers has helped her achieve and that she will take the lessons that she learned there and carry them on with her throughout her life.

Hudson decided that a change was needed in 2010 when she had gained a lot of weight after being pregnant. She began the Weight Watchers program and was eventually asked to be a spokesperson for the company. By the beginning of 2011 she had gone from a size 16 to a size 6 but she wasn’t done losing weight yet. Sources had reported that by that summer she had dropped down to a size zero. She told Ellen Degeneres that she just wanted her body back.

Now 80 pounds lighter it is time for Jennifer to move on. In November 2012 she said that she was done losing weight and is now stepping away from being a spokesperson for it. Weight Watchers currently has singer Jessica Simpson on board as a spokesperson as she needed to lose some of the weight that she had gained while being pregnant as well. Simpson just announced that she has finally hit her goal weight as of early March and is so happy. She says that if you are scared to go to meetings, don’t be. It is a place where you will always feel welcome and is one of the biggest motivators.


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