Jennifer Hudson:Weight-Loss Maintenance Just As Hard as Losing Weight; Here’s How She Does It


83rd Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsBy: Krystle Crossman

Jennifer Hudson has struggled with weight issues in the past. After she gave birth to her son in 2009 she had enough and decided that it was time to change her life around. She made the decision to do whatever it took to become healthier not only for herself but for her new little bundle of joy. She wanted healthy habits that she could pass on to her son as he grew older.

She wasn’t quite sure where to start once she made this decision. She was someone who liked to eat food that tasted good but wasn’t necessarily healthy for her. She knew that if she tried to do a crash diet or a diet where she cut out all of her favorite foods she would not do well. That is when she decided to try Weight Watchers out. She ended up losing 80 pounds. She is now a spokesperson for the company.

Hudson said that it was easy to follow the plan and was able to learn about measuring out her portions and being very careful with what she ate. She held herself accountable for every single thing that she put in her stomach and ended up doing really well with the program. She said that her biggest motivator was her son. She wanted to be the healthiest mother that she could be for him so that she could keep up with him as he grew.

She has now been able to maintain her weight loss for over three years and she even wrote a book about her journey called I Got This. She says that maintaining the weight loss is every bit as hard as losing it in the first place. She is now collaborating with Weight Watchers on a project that gives grants to those with a BMI of over 25 to help them with weight loss programs and also acts as a mentor to other new mothers on how to get started with their weight loss.



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