Jill Scott’s Husband Won’t Be Living Off Her Money, Rules Judge


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: TMZ/Getty Images

It looks like Jill Scott (pictured right) will not be going through the same hell Mary J. Blige went through in her divorce drama.

According to Ebony Magazine, the “Golden” hitmaker will not be ordered to pay the legal fees of her ex-husband Mike Dobson (pictured right). A family court judge in the case recently ruled that Scott will not have to pay spousal support due to the fact that Dobson’s request to have his ex-wife’s iron-clad prenup ruled out was denied.

Scott took some preventional financial precautions before finalizing her divorce from Dobson to make sure he wouldn’t end up destitute after her 15-month marriage to him ended. Scott divorced Dobson late last year citing “irreconcilable differences.”

However, Dobson spoke exclusively to Bossip to share his side of the story and said that Scott’s domineering attitude and attempts to emasculate him during the marriage got way out of control. An anonymous source close to Scott told a media outlet that she paid Dobson a five-figure amount prior to leaving him.

“She did not throw him out with nothing. She gave him $20,000 when he left. And during the course of the marriage, she deposited funds into an account for his benefit,” Scott’s source reportedly told Bossip.

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