Jobs That Women Have Overtaken Men In


pharmacistBy Staff Blogger

There are plenty of jobs out there that are dominated by and good for women. In the past few decades, some jobs that were once completely run by men have been taken over by women. The Bureau of Labor statistics shows that there are plenty of good professions out there for women.

Data from 1983 shows that only 27 percent of pharmacists were women at that time. Since then, data from 2011 shows that 54 percent of practicing pharmacists are women and 60 percent of students going for a professional pharmacy degree are female as well. The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy graduated their first female pharmacist in 1883 and since then, that school has graduated at least one woman.

Women also make fine accountants. Three years after New York put out the official qualification test for women accountants, a woman named Christine Ross became certified. This woman, originally from Nova Scotia, became the first woman in the U.S. to become a certified accountant. By 2012, statistics show that 60 percent of accountants in the United States.

Women can also have successful careers as physicians’ assistants. Around 70 percent of the field is dominated by women and women PA’s are likely to be making more than women doctors soon.

Photography also appears to be a job that women have succeeded in. The field is split evenly between men and women, however men bring in nearly twice as much as women annually. Only 20 percent of photographers were women 30 years ago. Hopefully soon this field can bridge the gender gap and start paying women equally for their contribution to art.



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