Jordan Sparks Shares Secret To Her 50 Pound Weight Loss


By: Krystle Crossman

Jordin Sparks is best known for winning American Idol in 2007 during the sixth season. When she appeared on the show she was a healthy weight but was criticized for being a little on the curvier side. She stated that she loved how she looked but wanted to focus on getting healthier as opposed to getting thinner. She has dropped 50 pounds since she began concentrating on her health and looks fantastic.

During an interview with the Today Show she said that this was never about being a particular clothing size or getting down to a certain number on the scale. She wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and her body changing for the better like it has was just a bonus. She has had letters coming in from fans who said that she in an inspiration to girls all over the world. She stepped out on Tao Beach in a two piece bikini and showed her new form off.

Sparks stated that this change came about because she had gotten sick right before her birthday. She knew that she was too young to be feeling that sick and decided that she was going to make a change for the better. She said that the pressures in Hollywood to look like everyone else are crazy and it can be hard at times to focus on the good changes that you want to make. But looking like everyone else in Hollywood was never what Sparks’ life change was all about. She is happy to be an inspiration to young women who may be struggling with their image. She says that she hopes that young women who have a hard time even looking in the mirror will look at the change that she was able to make and think that they are able to do it as well.



  1. The name of the article is Jordan Sparks Shares Secret To Her 50 Pound Weight Loss, there was no secret revealed and it did not even tell what she ate. This was a useless article. Please do better.

  2. Key words she got sick so that should indicate that she cleaned her colon out. The average American is carrying around 5-20 pounds in there colon. A colon that is never regular carries toxins that makes you sick.

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