Juicing: The Secret To Longevity


juicerBy Staff Blogger

Spring has arrived and with it comes fresh fruits and veggies in the markets. What better way to get your nine servings a day in than by making some fresh juice! It may be cheaper and easier to buy juice that is all natural, however there are some big differences between juicing yourself and buying a carton of juice in the store.

Juicing is the process of squeezing the juices out of fresh fruits and vegetables so that you are left with the plant chemicals which contain many different nutrients that we need to have through the day. The juices do not contain fiber but the vitamins and minerals that you get from just one serving makes up for it. You will still need fiber in your diet. There are claims that juicing diets reduce the risk of cancer, however this has not been fully studied yet so the validity of that claim remains to be seen.

It has been said that juicing will help you to lose weight. While it may help you while you are drinking the juice, during a juice fast, you will gain the weight back as soon as you start eating regular food again. Having just juice and no other food can deprive you of a lot of nutrients that we need through the day, such as protein and fiber.

Juices can add up in calories quickly as well. One apple has 60 calories in it, but the juice you get from a whole apple does not add up to much, so many more fruits and veggies must be added to make a substantial amount of juice. Many fruits and veggies like carrots, blueberries, and raspberries have sugar in them too, so you need to watch the combination.

The difference between getting bottled juice and homemade juice is that the bottle juice has been pasteurized. This kills off many of the nutrients. There also may be added sugars and preservatives. It is better to make it at home so you know just what is in your juice!


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