Kandi Burruss Says Kenya Moore Seemed To Have Had “Fake Wedding”


By Carolyn Tisdale

Photo credits: Getty Images

During the middle of last month, word started circulating about “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Kenya Moore (pictured right) marrying some mystery man on an island.

The details got out after a celebrity gossip blog called Tamara Tattles leaked a few photos of the uber secret marriage ceremony between Moore, 46, and her anonymous new man. Since there was no news about the private wedding on the reality TV show, a lot of speculation went into whether or not Moore’s marriage was real.

In this new and crazy internet age of fake news, anything is possible. A story without absolutely any validity or authenticity at all can go viral online in a matter of hours. So it kind of makes you scratch your head when some celebrity story breaks on the internet instead of on – let’s say “Entertainment Tonight.”

But Moore’s marriage to her new boo was real and became confirmed after sources like E! News picked up the story and claimed everything was official. However, here recently, Kandi Burrus (pictured left), another “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star spoke with E! News and said that even she was skeptical when Moore’s marriage news first broke.

“Online! And I had to call her like ‘Yo! You’re married?’ Because I was thinking maybe it was fake. And then she’s like, ‘Yeah, I’m really married,'” Burruss said this past Tuesday in her exclusive interview with E! News. Burruss also gave scant details about Moore’s new husband, stating that she has never got to meet him.

“I have not met him personally but she has talked to me about him since last year, towards the end of the year. So I knew she had met someone that she had really liked,” Burruss told E! News.

Things got crazy on another front after Moore’s marriage news broke. Many media outlets reported that Moore’s secret marriage put her at risk for being fired by her reality show’s bosses for not telling them about what was going on. It seems like public television figures can’t have private lives of their own without risking their jobs.

Source: http://pagesix.com/2017/07/13/kandi-burruss-thought-kenya-moores-wedding-was-fake/




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