Keeping Secrets Is Toxic & Unhealthy


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At some point in their lives, everyone has a secret and some more than others. Some people keep secrets for other people as well as having secrets of their own but that is not a always a good idea. Keeping secrets is very bad for your psychological health and the health of your relationships because you end up turning to deception to keep that secret. But how do you know which secrets you should be keeping and which ones aren’t worth keeping?

If you have a secret that can cause harm to your or others, you most likely should not be keeping it. If you have to lie to everyone around you and yourself to keep this secret, it is not worth keeping. Confess these kinds of secrets to the right people, the ones you can really trust, so that you don’t carry the burden of lying about them.

Some people imagine horrible consequences if they release these secrets. For example, if a wife had a one-time affair. She doesn’t want to tell her husband. She envisions the marriage ending horribly. But the lies could build up while keeping the secret and make things so much worse. Here are some benefits of spilling that secret.

1. Reducing your guilt: The longer you keep your secret, the worse your guilt will get. The lies will make you feel even guiltier than you do about the secret itself. You have to let the secret go in order to help you to forgive yourself and help others forgive you too.

2. Preventing the secret from being told by someone else: If you have a secret you are keeping from someone, it means that you don’t want them to know about the situation. However, if they find out about it from someone else, it could be so much worse. They would know you were lying to them and may not be able to forgive you.

3. Reducing the number of your offenses: The longer you keep a secret, the more you lie. To make sure that you don’t continue to lie, let that secret out.


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