Keith Lamont Scott’s Wife Recorded Last Moments of His Life; Told Officers ‘Don’t Shoot Him’


By Victor Trammell

The fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, 43, at the hands of the Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Department in North Carolina was something that this municipality’s Chief of Police did not want the public to see in the hours and days after Scott’s death.

However, due to the vigilance of Raykeia Scott (pictured), Mr. Scott’s wife, the moments before this police-delivered fatality did not go down without a final witness filming evidence. Cell phone video footage, which was captured by Mr. Scott’s wife Raykeia shows that he was shot multiple times after his wife begged officers not to shoot him.

The killing of Mr. Scott has led to civil unrest in downtown Charlotte over the last several days. So far, one civilian has been killed and over a half-dozen police officers got injured. The Scott family is currently being represented by a law firm that is handling the family’s side of this murder investigation.

Mrs. Scott filmed the September 20th killing of her husband from a nearby grassy area. “He has no weapon — don’t shoot him!” Mrs. Scott is heard saying in the cell phone video. She also advises the officers who converge on her husband that he had just taken his medication for a traumatic brain injury he sustained around a year ago.

However, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney has said that the officer who fired the fatal shots, which killed Mr. Scott was not wearing a body camera at the time of the shooting. Chief Putney also refuses to release the body camera footage of the other police officers present at the scene who were witnesses to Mr. Scott’s death.

Chief Putney also claimed this past week that there was no definitive evidence that Mr. Scott pointed a weapon at the officers who converged on him during the last day of his life. Police have released pictures, however, which show what appears to be a weapon laying close to Mr. Scott as he is on the ground dying.

Police also claim that this “weapon” has Mr. Scott’s fingerprints and DNA on it. This claim is questionable now because Charlotte-Mecklenberg police have not released the body camera footage of the police witnesses who saw Mr. Scott get murdered by one of their fellow officers.

Numerous local and national media outlets have reported that civilian witnesses claim that on the day he was shot, Mr. Scott was simply reading a book outside a local school waiting on one of his children to be dismissed to go home.

The joint investigations by the law firm representing the Scott family and the Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Department are still ongoing.

The full video, which covers the moments before Mr. Scott’s death can be viewed by clicking the highlighted source link below.










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