Kelly Clarkson Implies That A Woman Without a Man is “Pathetically Alone”


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Kelly Clarkson has been making headlines recently but for all the right reasons. She married the love of her life, Brandon Blackstock, and most recently has announced that they are expecting their first child. She did an interview with Parade magazine and something that she said caused a stir with some people who seemed to take offense to what may have been an innocent statement.

When Clarkson was asked about being single for so long she said that she looked at herself and realized that she was “pathetically alone”. She had been single for seven years before getting married to Blackstock. She said that she would tell them that she was okay, but she was not okay with it at all. She had had three boyfriends before Blackstock but felt that they just were not the right guys for her.

The interview took place before Clarkson found out that she was pregnant, so when she was asked about future children she could barely hold her excitement in. She said that her eggs weren’t getting any younger. She also said that she was going to have a girl and that would be that. She made a joke about people calling her fat and saying that if she were pregnant she would have a reason to be.

Many people took offense to Clarkson’s “pathetically alone” comment and seemed to take it to mean that Clarkson thought everyone who was single was pathetic. She has yet to address all of the backlash for her statement but she is a pretty outspoken person so that will probably come sooner or later. Either way Kelly is happy, healthy, and very excited to welcome her new bundle of joy into the world next year.



  1. Ummm, this is how she felt all those years feeling unwanted by a man, any man. We all know women that think this way are dying from getting AIDs and DV because they live in fear of being alone without a man. So try not to publish anything this Chunky Monkey says because she found someone to finally love her tubby ass, okay??

  2. I think her statement actually “implied” that she looked at her own self and saw that she was pathetically alone. Unless all single people have the same exact lives then I’m pretty sure she was only talking about her personal situation.

    • Yes Star, that IS what she was saying. She was not saying everyone who is single is pathetically alone, but she felt that way. I love how people take every thing out of context to make a story out of a non story.

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