Kenya Moore Speaks About Her IVF Pregnancy Experience


By Victor Trammell

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In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a pregnancy-enhancing medical procedure in which  a woman’s egg is given sperm to fertilize it in the confines of a test tube or inside some other compartment outside the body.

47-year-old reality television star and former beauty pageant winner Kenya Moore (pictured left) married her current husband Marc Daly (pictured right) in a super secret wedding in an undisclosed island location some time ago.

Like most newlywed couples, Moore and Daly started working on adding a child to their family foundation. However, the high-profile couple did not go the traditional route when it comes to bringing children into the world.

After her wedding, Moore started taking trips to the Caribbean to visit a special doctor who was biologically preparing her for newfound motherhood via IVF. Moore’s IVF treatments have been successful so far and she is due to give birth later this year.

The sultry vixen and beauty queen has been very tight-lipped about her personal, domestic, and romantic affairs. However, Moore recently became generous with People Magazine and interviewed with the publication to explain her most  intimate life affairs.

She said the following in her exclusive interview when asked about her IVF experience:

“You take the hormones to stimulate your ovaries, you go in for the procedure — obviously you’re being monitored every day to where they need to see how many [ovarian follicles]you have, how big they’re getting, when to extract. And then, obviously, the process when they grow to make sure they’re growing at a certain rate and reach a certain size.

After that, they’re ready to be implanted. You don’t go under any anesthesia for the process and it doesn’t hurt. You have to rest, which is always a great thing. To be quite honest, the thing that hurt the most was them sticking me with the IV when they had to extract the eggs because my veins are so tiny. But that’s the only thing that was uncomfortable. The rest of it wasn’t painful.” (People Magazine)

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