Keshia Knight Pulliam Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Girl


By Victor Trammell

Another woman in black Hollywood has welcomed a new addition to her family.

According to The Grio and other national media outlets, Keshia Knight Pulliam (pictured) has just given birth to a healthy baby girl named Ella Grace. This the first child that Knight Pulliam, 37, has given birth to. The former “The Cosby Show” star posted a picture on Instagram of her brand new baby girl on Monday (January 23rd).

Back in August during her well-publicized split with ex-husband Ed Hartwell, 38, Knight Pulliam posted the following on her Instagram page about how she came up with her daughter’s name:

“In the midst of all of this was when she earned her middle name, Grace. When I tell you through all of this the grace of God has so been with us and has covered us and protected us, and she’s been my saving grace to get through it — just knowing that it’s not about me … I had a dream and she came to me … and referred to herself as Ella and not Elle. Then I went to … a civil rights exhibit and one of the women who was at the forefront of the civil rights movement, who a lot of people don’t know about, her name was Ella.”

Hartwell (a former NFL player), filed for divorce from Knight Pulliam in late July of 2016. In an exclusive interview with Page Six, he talked about what led to his decision to divorce Knight Pulliam after only being married for about seven months. The couple dated for just four months prior to getting married on January 1, 2016.

“I said, ‘I think we probably messed up. I think we moved too fast,’” Hartwell said in his interview. “Our lives and wants are headed two different directions,” he continued.

The former Baltimore Ravens linebacker also told Page Six that there were lingering issues between himself and Knight Pulliam, which began two months after their wedding. The two disagreed on the time to start a family and there were also concerns about infidelity on both sides.

Hopefully, Knight Pulliam and Hartwell can come together in a civil manner and be co-parents in the event Hartwell is found to be the father of baby Ella Grace.

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