Kevin Heart Opens Up About Violent Relationship With Ex-Wife And More…


By: Krystle Crossman

Kevin Hart has not had an easy life but he has come out of his rough times successfully. He recently published his memoirs, I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons. In the book, he tells readers about his turbulent childhood, his alcoholic father, and some of the lowest points that made up his life. Hart also opened up about a very tumultuous relationship with the mother of his children Hendrix and Heaven. Through all of his family and personal troubles, he has managed to make a life that is filled with love and laughter.

When Hart was young he discovered that his father was an alcoholic. Hart’s father spent quite a bit of time in prison. When he wasn’t in prison he was putting his family in dangerous situations and disrespecting his wife. Hart recalls a time when he was supposed to be dropped off at a summer camp when he was 8 years old and was instead dropped off at a Catholic school by his drunk father. He spoke about another time when his father would bring home presents for Hart and his brothers and they all ended up being stolen items. One time his father even stole a dog and brought it home for the boys as a family pet. Things continued downhill. Hart’s brother Kenneth owned a barber shop which was robbed by their own father. They also found out that he had father multiple children outside of his marriage and had given them all the name Robert, which was the name of Hart’s older brother.

Through all of these hard times, Hart said that his mother was a rock. She had always supported him and his career. She never did get to see him perform but kept a box of mementos¬†from everything that he had done, which Hart found after she had passed away. She even hid her cancer diagnosis from him for as long as possible because she didn’t want him thinking about it while he was filming a movie in Australia called Fool’s Gold. He learned about it in the middle of shooting the movie and would fly back and forth between Australia and the United States to make sure that he could be at her bedside when she finally took his advice and went to the hospital. He was devastated when she passed.

One of the low points in Hart’s life was his 12-year relationship with his first wife, Torrei. Even though they had two children together they let their arguments spiral out of control. Both became violent and all-too-often the police were called. Hart did jail time for domestic abuse. He was ashamed that he had let things get so out of hand. The two have finally gotten to a place where they are able to co-parent effectively and Hart is happy with the relationship that they have established even though they are now divorced and sharing custody. He is now married to Eniko Parrish Hart.

The lowest point that Hart recalled in his book was when he started having a drinking problem. He would drive drunk often but one night while his now-wife Eniko was trying to pull down his pants during a drive back from a party, he was caught by the police. He had swerved a few times and they bagged him for a DUI. He knew that he needed to change and has since changed his relationship with alcohol. He has turned his life around completely and has had success that may have taken longer than he would have liked, but he is happy with how it has all turned out.



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