Kordell Stewart Says If Porsha Is Pregnant It’s Not His


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams is in the spotlight yet again. There are now rumors going around that Williams is pregnant. Her nasty divorce with husband Kordell Williams has been the subject of public fascination for a while now but it seems that people are switching focus at this point. The rumors started when Williams began posting a series of photos of herself on Instagram and it looks like she has a very noticeable growing baby bump.

Williams has neither confirmed nor denied the pregnancy rumors. A bunch of her fans have congratulated her on social media but no response has come from Williams at this time. Kordell is speaking up and stating that he is not the father of the baby if she is pregnant. By the size of what looks like a baby bump it has been speculated that she became pregnant before the divorce was finalized. That would be an interesting turn of events however since during the divorce she claimed that Kordell was never intimate with her and seemed to not find her to be attractive anymore. Then came the accusations that he was gay.

Either way, if Porsha is pregnant, Kordell is standing by his story that it is not his. Porsha has stated that she has already been dating someone new (someone who is well-known) but has not said how serious this relationship is. If she is pregnant the date of conception will be interesting to hear about. Was she stepping out on her marriage? Did she feel she had no other choice because her husband was ignoring her? Only time and an alleged growing baby bump will tell.



  1. ..its not Kordell becuz remember dumb a&& Porsha said they weren’t having sex as husband and wife long before the divorce…it’s probably the man she was seeing before Kordell filed for divorce, hence, the reason he filed for divorce because she wasn’t coming home..MIA @ home.

    • Very true & most plausible but since he (the other man) hasn’t “steeped out of the shadows” & claimed her let’s see were this goes

  2. Since as she claims, her husband did not want to have sex with her, then it can’t be his, right? Maybe she was just having her period when the pictures were taken.

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