Kordell Stewart Responds: Says He is “Ashamed” After Porsha Insinuates He’s Gay


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart has made some comments on the trailer for the new season of the show that many are taking a second listen to just to make sure they heard her right.

It seems in the preview  that she is implying that the gay rumors about her ex-husband Kordell Williams are true and that he never wanted her physically. Now Williams is speaking up.

Kordell Stewart, former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, gave a statement to Straight From the A about his wife’s recent implications about his s*xuality. In this statement he said that he is very ashamed of Porsha. He claims that she is lying about something she knows isn’t true.

Stewart states that he is not gay and never has been, but he is disappointed that her statements don’t help the gay community who already lack support from so many others in the country. According to Kordell, she is doing it for the fame and to be in the spotlight, even if just for a few minutes. Stewart says that his wife can have that life of money and fame, but all he wants is to concentrate on now is his life and being the best single dad that he can be.

It is hard to tell who is telling the truth with these statements sometimes. Is she lying about him not wanting her physically? Is he lying about not being gay because he does not want to come out of the closet? Unfortunately that is not something any of us can prove and will may never know. Is Porsha just looking for her fifteen minutes of fame in the spotlight again or is she just another woman betrayed by a man she loved?



  1. Right…lol people need to edit and/or get their facts right before publishing information. Too many mistakes to overlook….LOL SMH

  2. Porsha should consider herself lucky. If he infact didn’t want her then he did the right thing by leaving and not wasting her time. She is youg, vibrant, and beautiful. it is only fair to let her go and find someone who wants her.

  3. His name is Stewart not Williams. Kordell was busted in a popular park in Pittsburgh with a guy with his head down. He should just come out the closet.

  4. Who is Kordell Williams? Who writes these stories?? They are horribly written. Lol
    I don’t think her comments affect the openly gay community in a negative way at all,.. If this is true, we are speaking about the down low men which is a completely different subject…

  5. Why is it that as soon as a brotha rejects a black female or doesn’t find find her to be his type is automatically labeled GAY??????WTF is that?

  6. “…and there’s the bullshit that she say he’s gay/
    cause she wouldn’t like to think that I ain’t like her/
    just cause she was throwing at me and I ain’t touch her/
    she’ll say anything aside from I ain’t wanna fuck her…”
    -Joe Budden
    apparently this is common for these women to get mad and do whatever possible to destroy the man rather it be for spite or fame.

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