Korryn Gaines: Family Of Woman Killed By Police Awarded $37 Million


By Victor Trammell

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Though a criminal investigation bore no fruit, justice, to some degree, has been served in the state-sanctioned murder of Korryn Gaines.

According to various print, digital, and television media sources, a Baltimore jury has awarded the family of Gaines $37 million dollars. This was a civil judgment that was leveled at the Baltimore County, Maryland Police Department over a deadly 2016 standoff in which officers violated the civil rights of Gaines and her young son.

During this civil trial, which ended this past Friday (February 16), Gaines was crucified even though she was the shooting victim whose house was being bombarded by police for reasons that were not serious enough to warrant a felony apprehension operation. Cpl. Royce Ruby was found to be liable for Gaines’ wrongful death.

Ruby was represented by Assistant County Attorney James S. Ruckle Jr. Toward the end of the trial, Ruckle refused to admit any wrongdoing on the part of his police force and victimized Gaines again in death.

“What parent puts their kid in front of a shotgun? What parent puts their kid in that kind of unsafe position?…Korryn Gaines started it. She’s the one who determined how it was going to end. The body armor is not the total protection that the plaintiffs want you to believe,” he said.

However, attorneys representing the plaintiffs in the case got the jury to see Gaines as the victim who she really was. All options were not exercised by law enforcement to de-escalate the situation and therefore, the decision to kill Gaines was an action, which was made recklessly.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the six-woman jury awarded $32 million to Gaines’ son Kodi in damages, and $4.5 million to his sister, Karsyn. Also, $300,000 and $307,000, was awarded to Gaines’ father and mother, respectively. The Gaines estate received an additional $300,000.

Source: https://thegrio.com/2018/02/16/korryn-gaines-shooting/



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