Lacking Motivation? Great Tips to Help You Get Into a Fitness Routine Easily


By: Krystle Crossman

It can be tough to get into a workout routine with the busy lives that we all lead. After a long day of work you may not be so enthralled at the thought of head to the gym for an hour. Writer Mary-Elizabeth Shurrer has some steps that you can take to get into a fitness routine and stay there:

1. Variety – Give yourself a different workout to do each day. This will break up some of the monotony. Doing the same exercise every day will not help you with your fitness goals as your body will become used to the same motions over and over and will not build muscle or reduce fat. Switch things up to work different areas of the body so you get an all-over workout.

2. Get a buddy – Having a partner or gym buddy is a great way to keep you motivated. You will push each other to get out there and get moving. You will need a support system for the days when you lack motivation. It is also nice to have someone there to celebrate fitness victories with.

3. Timing – You know whether you are a morning person or a night owl. If you function better at night plan to do your fitness after dark. If you wake up refreshed and ready to go every morning than exercise first thing in the day may be best for you. Your body will respond to the exercise more if you are doing it when you feel the most active.

4. Opportunity – There are opportunities during your normal daily routine to get some exercise in. Park far away from the entrance to different buildings that you go to so you have to walk farther. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take multiple trips up and down stairs when you have groceries rather than doing it all at once.

5. Association – If you are a couch potato in the evening use it to your advantage. Put a television in a room with some exercise equipment and workout while you are watching your favorite show. If you don’t have exercise equipment commit to doing crunches or push-ups through the entire commercial set each time commercials come on. This way you are still engaging in your normal routine but you are active as well.

6. Switch – Every month or so switch up the type of fitness that you do. For example if you are doing all cardio one month try focusing on strength training the next month. You can even switch things up every other week. Being bored with your workouts is one of the biggest reasons why people give up on a routine.


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