Ladies: Are You “hot” or Are You Beautiful?


kenya57By: Krystle Crossman

When you hear a man describing a woman’s appearance, how often do you hear the word “beautiful”? It seems like that word is used less and less these days. Instead people will call a woman hot, smokin’, a fine piece of tail, curvy, voluptuous. Now while some of these can still be taken as compliments, they are still terms that s*xualize women. There is a big difference.

Thanks to the media and society men are now conditioned to believe that women who are spray tanned, surgically enhanced, and pretty much fake all the way around are the women who are worth looking at. They will make cat calls, stare, and tell their friends how s*xy she is. But if someone equally attractive walked by in jeans, a t-shirt, and a hint of make-up, they wouldn’t give her a second glance most of the time as she is beautiful, but not “hot”.

Thanks to this mentality many women feel more pressured than ever to go all out even when they are just going to the grocery store. This is mostly for single women as they may meet someone along their travels, but it doesn’t mean that women in relationships don’t feel the pressure either.

There is a big difference between the words “hot” and “beautiful” when it comes to talking about a women. All women are beautiful. They should be respected. Beauty is something that lasts while hotness is something that fades and requires a lot of maintenance. Beauty can be found in every person. Not everyone can be “hot” and therefore can lose confidence in herself. Beauty is more than just how you look, it is the whole package. Hotness is just an outward appearance that disappears when the make-up and tight clothes come off.

Do you believe women are under pressure to be “hot”?



  1. OMG!! This is a great article, its about time. Its about how much do you love appreciate and respect yourself… how much do you appreciate the woman in you that your God created. You can never find the wholesome well-rounded woman that your God created in you walking in notions of hotness etc.
    Kick the men to the curb who only look for that in a woman, its is a sign of great immaturity and it will screw your life up. We are constantly changing everyday no matter how hard we work at it, its LIFE…

  2. This is an excellent article. The term “Smokin’ Hot” does completely make a woman into an object. What about modesty and wholesomeness–the most beautiful women respect themselves and do not feel a need to dress in sexually provocative ways in public, or put fake parts in their bodies to make themselves attractive to men (but okay if they need a lift after having kids–if they are doing it for themselves). Women–respect yourselves–if you want the right kind of guy!

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