Ladies, Do You Do These Terrible Things To Impress a Man?


By: Krystle Crossman

Women like to try and impress men when they are trying to find a new relationship. There are certain things that they will do that hardly impress men and can actually drive them away, leaving the woman wondering what she did wrong. Writer Tamara Star of has five things that you should never do when you are trying to impress a guy while dating.

1. Women seem to think that there needs to be a conversation going at all times or else the guy is going to get bored. This is not true at all. Let there be some silence once in a while. Women have a need to be the entertainer and try to keep everyone happy and engaged but that is not necessary all of the time. If you throw too much at him and then wonder why he isn’t responding it could be because you are saying way too much.

2. There is such a thing as too much. Too much make-up, too much hair, too much skin showing. You don’t have to go all out and show off everything that you have to try and impress him. Dress in what makes you feel s*xy, not what you think he will find s*xy. This will help you to feel extremely confident about yourself and that will show when you are on a date.

3. Being independent is a great thing, and guys already know that. You don’t need to spend the entire date trying to tell him how independent you are and how much you do not need to be with a man. He knows that women like to depend on themselves and how they may want a man but they don’t need one.

4. Don’t try too hard. Let him do a little bit of the chasing too. If you try too hard to impress him or get him to think a certain way of you, you may come off as fake.

5. Leave him alone for a while. Do not post on his Facebook wall every five minutes. One text a day if that, no more than that, should be sent. He knows that you are around. If you push it he will push away.



  1. #3 is GOLDEN.
    I’ve lost count of how many women I’ve dated that stress how independent they are only to leave me to cover the check AND tip time after time. Not to mention picking them up and taking them home.
    Don’t talk about it be about it.

    • Being independent does not mean that we will pay for a meal on a date. Everthing you mention is a part of a DATE if you do not eant to pay for the meal let us know ahead that we are going DUTCH and we will slam down our gold card and if you are nice we may even pay for yours AND LEAVE THE TIP.

      • So independent women are given a pass on being independent when out on a date? If that’s the case why go out on a date and brag about independence?

        It’s not about what I WANT it’s about what most women SAY and then what they actually PRACTICE. What YOU say sounds good…online. What you may practice in real life is likely much different (as in if a guy told you beforehand that he ‘did not want to pay for the date’ then there probably would be no date). Even if you are actually that way you’d be the exception so I agree with Winter on that.

        All I’m saying is don’t go around parading an image that you are one thing and then not putting it into practice on the regular.

  2. I initially began reading this article with skepticism in mind doubting the five positions before actually reading them, but each one of them is valid and stands on its own merit. Thank you Ms. Crossman for saying those things a man would get blasted for saying. I want to see her idea of modesty, I’m not trying to date what she read in some magazine as to what THEY say men like, I want to get to know the person (who SHE is). Independence is not talking your talk but walking your walk, it’s not men bashing but self-uplifting which can best be done as a team thus our working together so that we both can achieve self-actualization. And lastly, there is nothing I like more than being together weather we’re working out or sharing a bottle of wine just looking into each other’s eyes allowing our souls to touch in silence and In peace. So many women are so ready to share their bodies but not their inner most feeling. Ms. Crossman please keep up the good work.

  3. Lets be 100 Cj having recently left a major urban center for a more rural residential area. I can definitely say most women are slamming down there charge cards for men, just themselves. The point isnt about paying the bill! Its about appreciation and equal participation. In relationships many men are reduced to paying servants and we call this “equality”. Im not impressed by an independent woman but a thoughtful intrestsing one that has more to exchange for my money and presence than sex. I know lots of independent lonely woman ignorantly raising the bext generation of boys tgat will mistreat their gold card toting daughters.

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