Ladies, Do You Want a “Thigh Gap”?


By: Krystle Crossman

It seems like every week a new superficial trend comes along that has women scrambling to find way to get results like those who are selling the trend. This time around it is “the Thigh Gap”. This is pretty much exactly as it sounds. This is when you have so little muscle and fat on your thighs that there is a gap between them, all the way up.

Women seem to be clamoring to learn how they can get this gap to look more “feminine”. One woman who has had no medical training or experience even wrote a book on it that was over 250 pages. Women should not be taking this book seriously though as she tells women that the basis of the diet that will get you a gap between your thighs is to skip breakfast (we all know that is an awful thing to do) and then not eat for 12 to 16 hours.

Dr. Oz had the author of the book, Camille Hugh, on his show and he asked her flat out if she thought that she was telling women to starve themselves in order to get this look. She told him that she is simply trying to teach women how to only eat when they are really hungry, and not eating something just because everyone else does at that time. She says that women need to not fall under pressure from others just because they are all eating.

Dr. Oz says that some people have a bone structure on their hips and thighs that doesn’t even allow this gap to happen. He said that they would have to burn not only fat but also muscle off of their thighs in order to have a small gap. This is one trend to take extreme caution on.



  1. Really!!! Horrific man!!! We’re out here destroying ourselves in our black communities and your asking us if we want a thigh-gap!!! really!!! Aren’t we already being degraded enough!!! What happen to learning how to love and except ourselves / yours truly from the inside out before we can even began to entertain anything else. BS is always backwards… another thing / now that we’re all getting on the ball with better health-habits, are we really doing this because we’re learning how to love ourselves or is it because we’re still looking for negative attention from our black-men… We gotta keep things in perspective or it will all be in-vain… Its way past time for us to be happy with who God created us to be rather there is a man in our lives or not. Learn how to enjoy us, we all have a lot to offer each other, many many talents, so get busy being okay with us first and leave the men totally to God so you can start enjoying real life…

  2. The only thigh gap real men should be interested in is when a beautiful woman opens herself to make love to him. This is sone insecure white wonan ish!

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