Ladies: Four Easy Ways To Spot a Potential Dead Beat Dad


loserBy Staff Blogger

It’s hard to ignore the statistics that keep being published about the growing number of single parent homes, especially in the Black community. In the long run, solutions are needed to overcome the many factors that are causing unplanned pregnancies as well as the dissolution of marriages that also result in children being raised in single parent homes.

Sadly, many women have the challenge of raising their children without the help of the fathers of those children. Here are four ways to spot a man that will probably be a dead-beat dad:

1.  He Is Overly Concerned About Gold-diggers and Thinks All Women Are Out To Get His Money

Gold diggers exist and no one can deny that but so do terrorists, child m0lestors and rap!sts. A man who is much too preoccupied with protecting himself from gold-diggers and nothing else and talks about it a lot is probably a man who has come to value his money and material possessions more than he values people, love and relationships. This man will probably do everything that he can to avoid a commitment and if you have a child with him, he will do everything that he can to avoid making a financial contribution when it comes to his child’s needs.

2. He Gets Mad When You Bring Up The Topic of Safe $ex

A man who does not want to practice safe $ex is typically one of the most irresponsible men you will meet. If he can not be mindful about protecting himself and you from potential diseases and an unwanted pregnancy, why would he be responsible enough to take care of his off-spring? Also, you have to consider that if he has a problem with talking about being safe, he probably has a long history of unprotected “encounters” and may already have a gaggle of children he is avoiding taking care of as well as a long list of STDs.

3. He Can’t Keep a Job and Can’t Get Creative About Generating an Income

Let’s be honest; jobs are not necessarily for everyone but a man who can’t keep a job better be a creative person who can put his skills and talents to work and generate an income. Even if he is a “good guy” who means well, the truth is that if you have a child with this man, all his good intentions won’t mean anything when the baby needs diapers, milk and other essentials.

4. He is $exist

Some men are so $exist that they think that women are their personal slaves and should also be maids, cooks and caretakers with no help. Don’t expect a $exist man to understand that he should be helping you with the care and nurturing of your child or children. Yes, women tend to be the primary caretakers and nurturers but a $exist man will often think that he has no obligation to help in any way.



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