Ladies: How You Can Have a Full Body 0rgasm


shy2By: Krystle Crossman

Tantric s*x isn’t for everyone. Some find it to be vulgar, others find it to be too hard to practice. For others out there, they simply take cues and tips from it to better their s*x life. One tip women can take from it is how to have a full body [email protected] that will leave them very satisfied. Here is how:

1. Think about the big picture. Don’t just focus your thoughts on that one specific area. Think about how your entire body is feeling. Imagine all of the energy and pleasure that you are experiencing running through your entire body, up your spine and through your head. Once you can learn to open your whole body up to the energy you will be able to feel it all over.

2. Take a deep breath in and let it out. Many people hold their breath when they come to cl!max. You will feel more pleasure if you breathe during the process.

3. Scream, shout, and let it all out! The more noise you make, the better. It can be a grunt, a sigh, a shout, or a scream. It doesn’t matter. During tantric s*x there are seven different centers for energies, also called chakras. They are located in the perineum, upper abdomen, lower belly, throat, heart, top of the head, and the forehead. Making a higher pitched sound will bring the energies to the higher points in your body such as the throat and head, lower sounds will bring the energy to the lower regions.

4. Do those kegels. Kegel exercises are when you tighten and relax the pubococcygeus muscle. It is located near your genitals and is the same one that helps stop the flow of urine. Tightening this through kegel exercises can help lead to more intense and full [email protected] especially if done during s*x.


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