Ladies, Listen Up. Your Man Wants You To Know These Things About Your $ex Life


By: Isabella Carson

Men aren’t overly picky when it comes to getting it on, but there are some things that they want women to know:

1. Having a slow and sensitive love making session is all well and good but every now and then a man just wants to get right down to it and have a passionate, energetic, crazy night and he wants to know that his partner is enjoying it. They don’t want you to do this because you feel like you have to. They want you to because you enjoy it.

2. Men always need s*x but it is because they look at it as a break in regular life and a fun time to connect with their partner. They don’t need it just because they are men. Plus there are so many health benefits to a romp in the sheets, how could you not want to?

3. Men worry about how they look naked just as much as women do. They also respond to praise like women do. Tell them that they are looking buff today or compliment them in some way. When you are in bed find something that you can compliment on and make sure that you tell them.

4. While the male organ is the main focus of s*x it is not the only erogenous zone that they have. Many women do not realize that the things that may turn them on may turn their partner on as well.

5. Not all men who watch adult films are doing it because they are bored with their partner. Some of them watch it because they see things that they like but you may not and they can live vicariously through the movie. Have an open and honest discussion about it as opposed to accusing them of something and get to the root of why they watch it.

6. Fantasies can be fun and exciting. Many men hold back though because they are afraid that their partner will think less of them or will judge them. If you have a fantasy of your own tell him that you can act his out if he acts yours out. Make a game out of it and make it fun.

7. Be honest with your partner. Men want to know the real reason that you don’t want to have alone time lately or why you don’t seem satisfied. They want to know if there is something wrong so that they can fix it. Have a calm and rational discussion and it could end up leading to a very satisfying solution for both parties.


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