Ladies: Mistakes That You May Be Making & Chasing Men Away


runaway-groomBy Staff Blogger

You go on date after date, and none of them ever call back. You can’t seem to figure out why! You are a nice person, not bad to look at, and have good qualities but for some reason men just run in the other direction. What you may not realize is that you are making some of the biggest mistakes, on your dates, that turn men off completely.

1. Not thanking your guy for dinner is a big dating no-no. You would thank someone normally when they do something for you right? Maybe it’s just those darn butterflies getting in the way and making you forget. Men often don’t expect the women to pick up the check on a date, but they would like to be thanked when they do. Thank them or try to return the favor in some way like taking them out for dessert and paying.

2. Leave the controversial issues for the chat rooms. If you start ranting about an issue, especially if you don’t know which side he is on, on the issue, you could easily end up offending him and come off looking like you have a holier-than-thou or know it all attitude.

3. Don’t trash talk your ex. Don’t talk about your ex at all. This is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make on a date. Talking about them will make it look like you are still hung up on them while trashing them will make it look like you are the most insensitive person in the world.

4. Leave the phone in the car or if you have to keep it in your purse turn it off or on silent. It is rude to have a cell phone on when you are out to dinner normally, but when you are on a date it’s even worse. Texting during a date is off limits too.

5. Don’t overstay your welcome. Pick up on cues that the date is over and it’s time to go home. It could make you look clingy. Ending the date at the right time will leave both of you wanting to go on another.


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