Ladies: What Is Your Sexx Life Saying About Your Health?


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By Staff Blogger

What does your s*x life say about you? It could say more than you think. When you have a satisfying s*x life, enjoy it. If it is uncomfortable for you, don’t blame your partner right away. It could be your body’s way of telling you something is up. Here are a few scenarios where your body could need a little TLC.

Do you avoid s*x because it is painful? This could indicate that you have vulvodynia. The cause of this condition is unknown and can happen to anyone. If you experience pain or burning when you are having s*x, you should see your OB/GYN. You may not have vulvodynia but your OB can determine if you have something else. Be persistent if you aren’t getting the workup that you feel you should as 40% of women see at least three doctors before getting treatment. Treatments include drug therapy, biofeedback, and physical therapy.

Another situation which may lead you to be unsatisfied with your s*x life is the inability to climax. Something that many people don’t think of is diabetes. There are many different things that can cause you not to reach the big O, but diabetes has become a more common culprit.

Diabetes can damage the blood vessels and blood flow, so s*xual stimulation takes a backseat when blood flow is compromised. It is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction in men. Better glucose control can help you get back to enjoying s*x more. See a doctor if you haven’t been diagnosed with diabetes but have some of the symptoms.

Finally, are you just not in the mood for a little nookie? This could be caused by low testosterone levels. Many women have great results when they take a supplemental testosterone. This however can lead to more problems down the road if it is used as a long-term treatment.

The best thing to do if you find that your s*x life is not as great as you wish it were is to see a doctor.


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