Ladies, What Men Say Is The First Thing They Notice on You


By: Krystle Crossman

When you want to get a guy’s attention, what do you do? Do you put on tight clothes? Do you put on extra make-up or get a new hairstyle? Maybe you wear heels so that your legs look longer? You may be skipping the one thing that studies show men are really noticing about you at first.

An independent research company called One Poll conducted a survey of 1,000 British men as to what the first thing that they notice about a woman is. Now you may think that their response would have been [email protected] or the butt, but you would be wrong. Over 70% of men said that the eyes were what attracted them to women the most.

Here are the top ten things that men notice first about women according to the poll:

1. Eyes
2. Smile
3. [email protected]
4. Hair
5. Weight
6. Legs
7. Style
8. Butt
9. Height
10. Skin

After eyes, your smile is what men notice about you. They want to see if it is a genuine smile or if it is fake. How you smile can really tell a lot about you and your personality so make sure that you have a bright and genuine smile. Men also look at what is fake on your body. If they see too many things such as a weave, fake eye lashes, or plastic surgery they may end up thinking that you are a little too high maintenance for them.

While looks will only get you so far and you need to have a great personality to truly connect with someone, looks are what will spark that initial conversation. Unfortunately you cannot see someone’s personality just by looking at them so you need to have the physical attraction down as well.



  1. I live in the country where I may see a woman once every three or four weeks. So when I do go to town and see a woman, I just ignore them because in my age group, many have way too many medical problems or just look old and worn out.

    • @Ritchie…

      How blessed you are not to live in the states / TOTALLY WONDERFUL!!! Nothing like privacy and peace of mind. Either you escaped or your not American, but I can sense your a very nice man. Lucky You

    • Interesting that you said “may see a woman once every three or four weeks.” Just be honest, you’re batting for the other team. GAY is the new Black. 🙂

    • ..well Ritchie, your photo is very handsome. There are women in your age-range who have taken good care of themselves.

      Never ever give up.

      I thought the same about men in my age range. All sick and leaning on a stick. But I know that out there somewhere …is a healthy, kind-hearted man who is searching for me.

  2. While this list plays out for a number of men, there are going to be subjective differences depending on the situation and the individual.

    • Excuse me….Tenderoni’s don’t want worn out old and sick people in Ritchie’s age group….If he does want the women in his age group what makes u think young ladies want the men his age?

  3. Open wide Ritchie let me count your teeth. No wonder you keep your mouth closed when photographed and when you open your mouth when you do see a woman she is usually just like you, old with no teeth. And I am not trying to be mean I am old too.

    • @Richeana…

      Ooh that’s not nice, there are young people out there these days with no teeth in their mouth. Ritchie is a very nice man, some good woman will snatch him up again, his character speaks for itself.
      Mr. Ritchie I know your glad you don’t live in America…

  4. Where I live in the USA, the behind (buttocks) is the number one and only thing a black man looks at first on a black women’s body. On a white woman he looks and takes all of her first, particularly her white flesh.

  5. Ernest Johnson on

    Since nobody asked me I look at her hands, hair, shoes-feet, and go from that point. Hands are an untold secret for women. I learned that from a lady.
    What a lesson i was taught by a real woman with no strings attached.I pray she is still teaching young people same as she shared life lessons with me.
    Hands; Always look at the shape if its angled toward the tip of her finger as in the (>) from the side view only.
    Hair style, gives all her secrets to you also.

  6. Ernest, for the sake of women everywhere would you be so kind as to share with us the details of what the hands, nail-shape, hair, etc., tells men?

  7. That is why we created the REAL LADIES OF HARLEM a new program that promotes REAL WOMEN. NOT PLASTIC, NOT MADE UP, JUST NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL WOMEN OF ALL NATIONALITIES. THIS SHOW WILL HELP men make a decision. You see, too many women have gone Hollyweird and forgot that your life and the way your body progresses is the way nature wanted it to be. So many women say they want a real man, but then they wear fake eyes, fake breasts, butts, lips. Men are very superficial at times also. Watching videos and films and magazines give them a false sense of what a real lady is. THE EYES ARE THE WINDOW TO THE SOUL, but some OF YOU MEN who criticize women of a certain age, need to look, at yourselves. Many of you out there wear bald heads to cover up your receding hairlines, then criticize women for wearing wigs. Many of you have three and four stomachs, but then talk about women that have had babies and maybe their bodies did not pop back into shape. The first impression is usually everlasting, so if women have to have their $hit together then you guys need to shape up or ship out.

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