Ladies: Why You Should Encourage Your Man To Stare at Another Woman’s [email protected]


images (7)By: Krystle Crossman

So ladies, you know how you go out for a walk with your guy, or you are shopping or at the beach, and you see him checking out another girl’s chest? What do you do? Do you yell at him? Do you pretend you didn’t notice? There is a new study out that shows he is just helping his overall health for the day.

A study that was conducted in Germany and was published by the New England Journal of Medicine says that staring at a busty woman’s chest for a few minutes per day can actually be more beneficial to a man than going to the gym. Dr. Karen Weatherby who is an expert on ageing says that just 10 minutes of staring at a woman’s large assets is equivalent to 30 minutes of exercise.

Dr. Weatherby was the head of the research team for this study. They spent five years monitoring the effects of the staring. The men that were told to stare at a woman’s chest every day had lower blood pressure, reduced risk of coronary artery disease, and a lower resting pulse rate. Dr. Weatherby explains that $exual excitement gets the blood flowing and the heart pumping which is great for your circulation and your overall heart health.

The doctor also recommends that men who are over 40 years of age should look at [email protected] that are larger than a D cup, although she gives no explanation as to why.

So if men can have better health benefits from staring at a woman’s large chest every day, what can the women do?



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