Ladies:The Simple Practice That Can Transform Your Connection With Your Man


By: Krystle Crossman

Sometimes after we have been in a relationship for a while we feel as though we are losing a little bit of that spark that was there in the beginning. You may not feel as though you are as connected to your partner as you once were. The good news is that it is very easy to get this connection back and keep it around for the long haul. The key to reconnecting is how you reunite when you have been apart, even if it has only been for a short time.

A reunion with your partner can happen at any time. It could be after a long day of work, it could be after a business trip where one of you is gone for days, and it could even be after a few hours of being apart. No matter the length of time it is still a reunion when you are face to face again. How you choose to reunite with your partner can set the tone for the rest of the day.

Keeping the connection alive between your partner and yourself can be as easy as sending a text when you are apart that says that you cannot wait to see them or that you love them. When they get home, hug them before doing anything else. When you come downstairs in the morning and find your partner getting ready for their day take a moment to give them some affection even before speaking. Always greet your loved one with a smile when you see them.

All of these things can help to set a friendly and loving tone for the day. It will make both yourself and your partner feel wanted and loved and that love will end up rebuilding the connection between your or make the connection that is already there even stronger.


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  1. Always keep yourself fresh and your relationship fresh with newness or life and relationships become mundane and unhappiness creeps in and undesirable things start to happen.

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