Lazy $ex: Why We Can’t Use Being Tired as an Excuse


By: Krystle Crossman

“Not tonight honey, I’m too tired”. This is a common excuse that many people will use to try and get out of having s*x with their partner. This is not a valid excuse however and that very excuse may make your night even better. There are many different ways to enjoy your night with your partner even if you are exhausted.

Lazy s*x can be some of the best s*x you have ever had if you give it a try. Judge how you are feeling that night before you attempt it. If you are feeling like the whole world is against you and you are mad at everything you may want to call it quits and just lie down. However if you are still in a slightly good mood give it a go. It may just make you feel a lot better and get you to bed on a great note.

If you aren’t really in the mood, try doing something with your partner like a little light [email protected] or a nice heavy petting session. You can watch adult videos too. This could get you hot and bothered in no time even though you are still tired. Remember too that s*x is not just about having an [email protected] Sometimes it is okay just to have fun.

One of the best “lazy” positions is the spooning position. You can just lie on your side while your partner does all the work. There is no pressure involved so it makes things easier if you have just had a big meal and are feeling sluggish. It is also a great position for you if you want to have an [email protected] Another great position for the lazy person is the “couch potato”. Basically your guy will sit on the couch and you straddle him. There is very little motion involved, just a gentle rocking. You get the added benefit of face to face contact which makes it more intimate.



  1. So, are you saying that no is never a valid response to a partner’s request for sex. That is such hogwash. If someone doesn’t want to have sex, they just don’t want to have sex. End of story . Try another night.

  2. This is stupid! no is no, i’m not in the mood means = i’m not in the mood. Sex is not that important as you people make it seem, get over your selves dang! People will lose their life over sex (honey i’m running late for work, (him) it will only take five minutes) really??? so i lose my job just to please you??? yea right!!! GO TO SLEEP. That’s why mostly everybody fudging everybody. SICK PUPPIES

  3. Wow those comments were defensive but legitimate in some circumstances .
    Sometime us guys should respect a no. But I think this article is for the women who are always saying no and it is encouraging them to rethink the no and make it a yes sown of the time.

  4. You not being in the mood is why I will always have a backup plan. What you won’t do, my side piece will. So the next time you not and the mood and I decide to kick it with the homies, i’m really out with my plan B gettin it in. This is what being selfish gets you ladies. Sweet dreams.

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