Leaked Emails Expose Extreme S*xism at Apple


By: Krystle Crossman

Women often have a tough time when they work in the tech industry. They are not respected as much as their male colleagues even though studies have shown that women actually perform better in tech jobs such as IT. Apple is one of the top tech companies in the U.S. and recently light has been shed on the extremely s*xism within the corporation. Emails were leaked that showed inappropriate jokes about [email protected], harassment, and discrimination when it came to promotions and raises.

Mic, a popular news outlet, obtained over 50 pages of emails from current and former employees who were concerned about the environment that they were working in. One woman known as Danielle stated that the environment was “toxic” for women. She overheard male coworkers making jokes about violent $*xual assault and it was not the first time. She had enough and decided that since management was not doing anything about it she was going to go to the top of the chain. She emailed the CEO, Tim Cook, and stated that jokes about [email protected] was crossing the line and was the last straw. She detailed the toxic environment that she was working in. She never received a response from the CEO.

Another woman stated that she was in a meeting with a group of men and no other women. She was very uncomfortable because they all began talking poorly about their wives, demeaning them behind their backs. The worst part was that the manager was sitting in on the meeting and did not deem this to be inappropriate behavior. The women felt as though she were invisible in the room while the men classified women as nags and other choice words. This is not the only incident that she has had to deal with. She stated that she worked so far away from everyone else at night that she had to get up and move multiple times because the motion lights would go out and she would be in complete darkness. She asked management if she could be moved to a cubicle closer to the others but was dismissed. She left the company shortly after.

A few men also reported that they were being harassed at work as well. One man said that the others were picking on him for being an “emotional man” and said that he was on his “man period”. He stated that they would say that he was more of a woman than a man which in itself is a statement against women as when men say this they are stating that the person is weak and incapable of performing their duties as well as a man can. Apple has yet to respond to these allegations and there is a lot of work that is to be done considering over 32% of their employees are women.



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