Learning to Let Go of a Relationship That Has Ended


By: Krystle Crossman

So your relationship has ended, but your feelings haven’t. Sometimes it is hard to let go of someone that you have shared your life with. Here are some ways that you can help yourself to move on from a relationship that has hit its expiration date.

1. Take the lessons that you have learned from the relationship, don’t keep lingering on the feelings that you have. When you come into this world you begin learning. You have learned things from this relationship, good or bad. Put what you have learned into more learning for the future.

2. Realize that when you let go of the hold that this person has on your heart and mind you will have more time for other people and a new life. Reality will break wide open for you when you stop consuming yourself with this one person.

3. Be okay with transition. Remember, change is good, and sometimes can be the healthiest thing you can do for yourself. Give yourself the proper time to grieve for the end of the relationship, but know when it is time to move on and embrace the transition to single life. Balance out your grief with something you love such as dancing, friends, or yoga.

4. Don’t dwell on what didn’t work with this relationship. Instead make note of what you would like in your next guy. Don’t compare a new relationship with your old one as that will get you nowhere.

5. Detox the space that you live in. Get rid of everything and anything that will make you think about him while you are in your own home. Take things out of your home one by one. It is a slow process but realize that you need to take time to transition from having another person in your life. Eventually you will be able to move on and start your future!



  1. Well Thanks on the tips but need to ask another? But my relationship bass on of no time for me..that Why we broke up. But he still want to b friends n he still want to b there n my life. so what should I do?

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