Lies Told About Women Who Have a Lot Of $ex


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Women who have a lot of s*x are usually not looked at as “classy” women. They are looked down upon and called names. Yet men are able to do the same thing and they are heroes in their friends’ eyes. There are a lot of myths about women who have a lot of s*x and here are six of them:

1. Women are having more s*x now than they were 10 years ago: A study was conducted where college students were asked how many times they “hooked-up” with someone while they were in college. The average number was four to six hook-ups through four or five years of college. And even then some of the students didn’t consider interc0urse to be the main point of a hook-up.

2. The women that have a lot of s*x with men are afraid of commitment or do not like the idea of monogamy: Women don’t cheat because they want to have a lot of s*x. According to multiple studies, most do it because they are filling an emotional void that is left by their partner. Men and women both want committed relationships and women say that s*x is better with someone you are in a committed relationship with.

3. Women that have a ton of s*x are easy: Actually when most women are looking for something casual they still look for someone with a high set of standards.

4. Women in the US have s*x more than any other country: The US is ranked 13th in a survey about the number of partners that a person has had in their lifetime and 24th in the frequency of s*x through the week. So much for that theory!

5. Women have low self-esteem or self-worth if they have a lot of s*x: There are a lot of men and women out there who engage in casual s*x because of a mental disorder. Women who practice safe casual s*x actually have a great body image and are confident in who they are.

6. Women are hard-wired to be monogamous and men are meant to have a lot of s*x with a lot of partners: Societal norms and pressures are what make this myth so popular, but not necessarily true. Women often feel pressure from their peers and from what society would think of them and may engage in less hook-ups than they would if there were no stigmas.



  1. When Men are together we actually rarely if ever discuss or bring up the topic of “Women”, the top “Barber Shop Topics” are 1) Family 2) Current events 3) Sports 4) Kids 5) Health related issues 6) Movies. Most of those negative assumptions or “slanders” are most often made or even discussed by other “Women”. You obviously only have a cursory or media driven knowledge or perception of “Male Culture” Laden with stereotypes

  2. Horrible article…
    Women don’t hang-out talking about sex 24-7… levels of maturity have a lot to do with what’s discuss and communicated amongest women, especially black-women. Different strokes for different folks, everybody’s different. Sex is not everything and everything is not sex…

  3. I don’t have a problem with women who are sexually active. What is insulting is women who tell a brother “I have not had sex in years when they were sleeping with somebody last week”.

    These women just don’t realize how stupid they sound and look.

    Also making a “together brother” beg for it when they give it up all the time to married brothers and thugs. That is even more insulting. And trust me the “together brother” knows.

    • @anonymous…

      I won’t say there are no sisters out there acting in that manner but I am a sister who is really celibate and extremely off-the-chart “PROUD” of it.
      I wouldn’t trade my celibacy in for a fly by night cheap one nightstand even if the whole world was about to crack in half. There is more to sex then meets the natural eye.
      If people really knew what it actually looks like and entails when the “PHYSICAL ACT” presents itself and is put into action along with the after-math due to sex outside of marriage they would learn to sustain themselves…
      There use to be a day I was clueless, no more… / TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN MUCH IS REQUIRED OF THEE…

      *A CLEAN TEMPLE FREE FROM DEMONIC INFESTATION IS A GRAND THING… and that goes for man or woman, so don’t knock people for being celibate, its only to be understood with much wisdom & knowledge…

      The word talks about joining yourself to a harlot makes you become (ONE-FLESH)… a harlot can be a man or a woman, then soulties come into play, and that’s when all the BS start exploding.
      God said don’t touch the unclean things (SIN), there is a way that is “RIGHT” for everything under the sun. Redbone will take the high-road…

      • calling you out now i know you said in another forum you creeped with married men and you wasnt ashamed so….

        • @Devon
          I was on that forum too, matter of fact I was also on a lot of forums especially the one about black-women being single mothers and you were disrespecting all black sisters, putting all black women down, heffa that’s yo MO. You were also on the forum articles talking BS about black children too. Most people on here know your @ss as a self-hater, heffa you made the name for your own self. You need to take yo self hating @ss back to that article and read it again. Red-bone never said she was with a married man, yo blind booty just need a reason to attack that woman cause she high-yellow and your ugly insecure about being dark-skin, everybody has peeped yo evil @ss out, yo mouth is ratched every where yo dumb @ss blog. Redbone got mo [email protected]mn sense then you, she helps & yo @ss only tare down us black women. Re-trace yo steps b-otch / unlearned and un-experience jealous witch.

          • I dont respect bw who act like xoes, who let random nuccas treat their pucci like a trash can, who push out babies by random nuccas then wanna act like victims, dont respect bw that raise xoes and thugs, dont like funky obese bw who eat like pigs then wanna sue McD’s after they eat that nasty sheit. Then they say they thick or big boned, guess those big bones archeologist be digging up must be bw bones LOL! Dont like bw who say god dont make no mistakes but sew some indian beitch hair on there head because there ashamed of the nappy hair god gave them, becuz theyre calling god a liar if theyre ashamed of their hair, but they said god dont make no mistakes. Bw the only females who tell ppl to kill themselves, stupid beitches act like they dont know god said suicide is a sin. 72% out of wedlock birthrate and bw leading in hiv and stds. Aint nobody jealous of a bunch of females who are religious hypocites, too lazy to use birthcontrol, too damn fat, too triflin to raise up there kids and too stoopid to know you get married first then have babies oh my bad, decent bruthas aint checking for yall. While your azz barking at my heels im going over my guest list for my wedding in june, oh and i dont have a bunch of out of wedlock babies my man have to pick up the slack for, we will have our babies in marriage because im too good to be a triflin azz baby mama, so bow down, beitch becuz i did everything right becuz im SMARTER than you ole’ azz crones, and Im only 25 years old.

    • @anon…
      Sex outside of marriage is only about the “THE LUST OF THE FLESH” and that’s where it ends, and most people are not willing to except that truth, so just because some people are not willing to except the truth does not mean that “LAW” changes on their behalf because they have a need or an addictive need to satisfy their [email protected] whims…

      Sex is easy, making love is not…

    • A Women’s interaction or relationship with another in any period of time has absolutely no bearing on her interaction or relationship with you. Also just because you presume to know a women’s reputation don’t presume you actually know her, & once you see a women has so much more than just her femininity or sexuality, you will find yourself ready for a true relationship & not just another “encounter”

    • LOL well dude if you know tbey [email protected] why you messing with them, lots of nice sistas out here, my sistas in crime are good sistas looking for good brothas. im glad i met my dude been with him six years and we made it official for june, im glad im out the dating scene cuz it doesnt look like yall are having any fun.

      • Sounds like you got a real problem Devon-Diva, LadyVee hit the nail. I just came off the Article “Preacher Tweets Calling Black Women Hoes”, your a real a$$ hole, self hater, instigator, jealous cow, so darn full of envy all the time. Respect yourself, and your writing sucks dude.

        • The only one hatin is you. Dont hate becuz i was smart enuf to make good choices and dont live in a crime infested rundown hood, I am not a statisic, im part of the 28% of bw that DONT have out multiple out of wedlock babies from multiple thugs and criminals, dont have hiv or stds, im not living off your tax dollars (welfare), my fiancee’ aint killin other blk ppl or selling drugs and when we marry and have kids we’re gonna bring them up right so they not a treat to you, now how many of you beitches can say the same, becuz I know half the ole azz crones who post here are baby mamas and the daddies dipped on yall azzes. How many of yall on welfare and foodstamps, i know how yall love your white daddy that give yall free sheit becuz yall stank azz too lazy to work or use birth control, the more oow babies the more cash yall get right?

          • Devon you do have an arguable point that African-American’s do need to act more responsibly & perhaps morally but it gets loss in all the “name calling”. I was also married & both professionally employed to my college “sweet heart” when I had my only son 18 years ago. You also keep denigrating the “older generation” like you plan on “dying young & leaving a young beautiful corps”. At 44 & a marathon runner I’ve learned that “longevity” has its “Blessings” because now I’m losing friends & family members to illness, cancer, strokes & heart attacks “age” is a blessing not a “curse”

        • My online writing, instead of lecturing me on my writing, go lecture triflin single mothers who keep pushing out babies by random nuccas and dont raise em worth a sheit. Tell em to stop letting random nuccas dump all up in their pucci like its a trash can and pumpin em up with babies they cant hardly feed or keep a roof over their heads and raise to be illiterate hoes and thugs.

          • @DEVON Your a real class-act class-clown, the shameful part is so simple, you can’t even see yourself. Your young and ignorant, unlearned, haven’t even crossed the threshold of life yet, constantly spitting cobra venom everywhere you post and all peeps see when the name (DEVON) shows its ugly snake head is negative BS. You got a lot to learn about life and its coming yo way quickly.
            How you know yo man been faithful to you! Can you prove it! You don’t know no more then any other blackwomen who thought they knew everything when they were fresh puppies like you, and your no better then the rest, you just haven’t caught yo bricks yet but you best believe you got some bricks coming your way. What you put out is what you get back (VENOM), and your disrespectful to adults so we already know how you treat your mama, your post speak for itself. Sisters are not the only peeps baggin on your butt the brothers are too.

      • RealEve, typical response from a bitter manless bw good bruthas aint checkin for. BW like me who make smart choices think just like I do, we have no respect for triflin females who don have the good sense to even use birth control and not bring babies into poverty and ignorance. Got no respect for triflin females who cant raise a [email protected] flag nevermind the [email protected] kids they push out. The only females complaining about what i say are the ones who fit the description, throw a rock at a pack of dogs who breed irresponsibly, the beitches that yelp are the ones who got hit, if what i say doesnt apply to you shut the [email protected] up and move along.

  4. pls bw talk sheit about other bw all the time. i talk sheit too difference is I explain why I say it, yeah some old azz female on one of these forums told me I should respect older bw im like yeah im younger and smarter than yall becuz all the ghetto hoodrat drama yall deal with i was smart enuf to avoid now respect me!

  5. I’m always amazed how allegedly fully grown adults & parents see; name calling, insults, confrontation & other juvenile behavior as acceptable & then wonder why our children stalk the streets of America like “predatory animals” & see “misogyny & thug behavior” in the studio as “Art”

    • So reign in your predatory animals, take that to the females who pushed them out and didnt bring em up worth a sheit, I dont have out of wedlock kids, im smart enuf to know to wait until Im married.

  6. Oh yeah and my mother and father love me just fine and are proud I didnt [email protected] my legs open for random dyck and make them grandma and grandpa to a bunch of [email protected] kids, now run and tell them nasty azz female to use birth control or keep their legs closed. BW are the worst [email protected] stewards of children, selfish beitches who keep pushin out kids in the worst conditions, yall are embarrassing to the race and everybody of every race thinks yall aint sheit. Smart decent black women dont wanna be associated with triflin females who cant control how many [email protected] kids yall push out your own cooch, and bw like you that fit the description cant handle the truth. 72% out of wedlock birthrate is disgusting, shame on yall.

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