Life Changing Moment That Ended Garcelle Beauvais’ 9 Year Marriage


By: Serena Crawford

Actress Garcelle Beauvais began her big career in 1996 when she was cast to play the wife on The Jamie Foxx Show. The show ran for five seasons. Beauvais had been married when the show started but got divorced during its five year run. She had a nine-year-old son with her ex-husband and said that she wanted to make sure that if she got into another relationship she was going to bring home a good man to be a role model for her son.

Talent agent Mike Nilon was the person that she chose to bring home. They got married in 2001 and had twin boys in 2007. Beauvais thought that she had found a great man and stated that she “won the lotto in husbands”. Then one day she asked to borrow his cell phone to call her mother because she forgot hers. She picked up the phone and saw a text that said I love you and it was not a text that was from or to her. This began a long and painful divorce for the pair.

Beauvais hastily wrote and email to all of her coworkers that accused Nolin of cheating on her for five years. She didn’t think about the consequences that this act could bring. Someone leaked the entire email and sent it to the New York Post for the whole world to see. Her impending divorce had just become public. She was hurt and ashamed that someone leaked the email and now everyone who read it was now a part of her personal life which was falling apart.

Beauvais decided that it was time to heal pretty quickly after the divorce. She started going to therapy and she also got a life coach. She wanted to make sure that she was able to do the best that she could for her sons through the split. Thanks to these healing measures she is now able to have a working co-parenting situation with Nolin even though it is still hard to see him at times. They both wanted to make sure that they were doing what was right for their sons in the end.



  1. You guys are really running a story about a sell out and the loss of her master? This is a shame. people like this need to be shunned from the race. We need more stories of how black men and black women create more black children and continue the race and not about sell outs crying about destroying it. forget this no talent,useless to the race female.

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  3. I think her marriage could have been worked on had she not sent hastily sent that email to her friends and co-workers. Maybe counseling, prayer and opening up to each other could have made all the difference in this dying relationship. Something else, it’s still not too late for her and him. They are talking and co-parenting; just maybe she can heal enough to give him a second chance. It’s evident that she still cares a great deal about him because it’s hard for her to look at him. There’s still pain and love there; regardless of the hurt! I wish her well and hope that they can mend what was broken but most of all she learn that she needs to deal directly with him and keep her personal life her own business. Sometimes things do work out with time if they are willing to work on it together. Love does conquer all if they stay focused on repairing that commitment and ex-hubby sincerely apologizes for the unfaithfulness, and she is willing to forgive him based on his actions of restoration.

  4. I wonder if Ms Beauvais was more devastated by her husband’s infidelity because he was a Caucasian.

    In articles I had read during the course of their marriage she gave the impression that she was in Heaven and her husband was an angel.

    Too many women of African descent have deluded themselves into believing that any Caucasian man is superior as a mate than ALL men of African descent.

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