Lifetime Vegetarian Woman Tricked Into Eating Chicken, Couldn’t Stop Crying


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

When people decide to be vegetarian it can be for a few different reasons. They may be doing it because of their religion. They may not like the taste of meat. They may be against eating animals for animal rights. Whatever the reason is, they stay as far away from meat as possible. Roshni Barot had lived her whole life as a vegetarian. She grew up in a home where no one ate meat for religious reasons.

One day while on a shopping trip with a friend, she stopped into Nando’s (a fast food restaurant) for lunch. They offer vegetarian options which she frequently enjoyed. She ordered the grilled halloumi pitta. When her food was ready she put some peri peri sauce on it, put some salad in the pitta, and began eating. She was almost all the way through the sandwich before she realized that something was not right. She looked at the halloumi and noticed that it did not look like it normally did and recalled that it did not taste quite the same either. It was then that she realized that she was eating chicken. Barot said she just sat and cried. She was in shock and very distressed. She said that she could feel the chicken sitting in her stomach and that she didn’t even feel like her body was her own anymore.

The manager apologized profusely and offered up vouchers for free meals but she strongly declined the offer.

Growing up in a strictly vegetarian home and being that way all of her life made her feel as though that was a large part of her identity. She was even so upset about all of this that when she got home she tried to make herself sick to get rid of the chicken in her system and cried all night. Barot says that there is nothing that Nando’s can do to make this up to her and that she feels as though 28 years of her life have been taken away from her because of their mistake.



  1. This is too bad and she may have a small case but not the end of the world as she’s making it out to be.
    Tell her to talk to all the starving people around the world about her stomach not feeling perfect for the time being.

    • You people sound dumb! You missed the point which is, she did not want that substance in her stomach. I went to olive garden for lunch and after asking if tere was pork in the selections I chose and being assured there wasn’t, I took a bite and there was.I was sick both physically and mentally. Until that point I hadn’t eaten pork in over 45 years. This woman has probably never eaten meat. Yes, she’ll get over it just like I did but that still doesn’t excuse it! You colored girls need to calm down.

      • You racist son.of a bitch grow beyond color because there are some pretty ignotant whites hispanics Indians ect. So u need yo calm the hell down with that colored girl stuff

  2. I would be upset if I ate something that I didn’t generally eat, but unless I was allergic to it, I wouldn’t go “high drama” about it. Mistakes happen, and if they aren’t fatal……get those panties out of a knot!

  3. Not being sarcastic here. Her name looks Indian and I think some Indians believe the chicken to be a sacred animal. Maybe that’s why she’s so upset.

  4. Great comment by Vandellish, she needs to put the experience into perspective. Also, her statement about her life has been taken away from her is a cognitive distortion and the way that children think.
    Take an enema and move on.

  5. Dr. Elizabeth Tucker on

    Sounds like she should sue the owner of the restaurant. He knew he gave her chicken to eat. He was being careless and didn’t give a crap! I bet a nice lawsuit will make him a lot more alert in the future and this will never happen again at his restaurant. Getting sued is the only way to get someone’s attention, unfortunately!

  6. Really? Any grown and sane person when electing to eat out should always go through plated food before eating it: Inconspicuously take a sniff for freshness and an eye for anything out of sort…like hair, bugs, CHICKEN…Sorry, but that was half her fault.

  7. Selina chavis on

    I’m sorry that you are I’ll mentally distrubed from eating chicken. I understand your point. .Although I’m not a vegetarian. Detox your body and eat from home.

    I hope one day that I stop eating meat.

    All the best,

  8. Every time you eat meat, you are taking a life. It is the end of the world as far as the animal is concerned. I understand her distress, but as it was not intentional, she needs to relax and learn from the experience – be more careful next time.

    The Nando’s restaurant involved should be ashamed of themselves.

  9. I’m not a vegan or vegetarian but I completely get and understand this woman’s total disgust and dismay. It would be as if someone placed human flesh or dog meat in your meal, 99% of us would be ready to fight if that was done to us. For some people, eating animals (chicken) equates to consuming the animal at the top of the food chain (human)

  10. it not a vanity not ant to eat chicken thing –but her eating habits are dictated by her religious beliefs – so all the stupid people wh mentioned starving people else where or just get over it-response —shld get over yourselves! if an observant jew/ muslim ate pork they wld feel similarly —its tied to their beliefs / religion…hand i see their point —being in neither of these categories… we”ve lost respect for ourselves and others when we chose to think…”whats the big deal”…and there is too much of that ring around ignorant / uninformed / or just plain stupid / disrespectful people—to dumb to care or educate themselves or have empathy for others.
    Its what killing this planet!

    • It’s funny because I’ve read through the comments and no one here has implied that it wasn’t a big deal (besides you). Many ARE saying that it’s not as big of a deal as she’s making it. Still, I do realize that she’s probably building a case so…..

  11. The lack of understanding I’m reading here is incredible. I’m not a vegetarian but I can certainly empathize with her feelings. Making statements about the starving people wherever is stupid. Do you say that when you eat all the food on your plate, overeat on holidays, etc. GET REAL. Whether you eat the food or throw it out, it won’t help folks starving down the street or across the world. I suggest the young lady speak to a therapist to help her deal with this event. People have committed suicide for less. Have some compassion and respect, people.

    • No one said anything would help starving people. I mentioned starving people for perspective on how she may need to frame this in order to move on. I also mentioned that this was sad because I sympathize and that she may have a case. Still, her overreaction to this ordeal is mind blowing. At some point she’s going to have to move on, why not now? Our collective ‘sympathy’ isn’t going to help much either.
      This lady needs to understand that we are all lucky to be eating regularly in the first place, seek a lawsuit and move on.

    • True Perspective on

      Yeah Ok mary the insult queen…there are people who’ve come out of Lasik surgery blind, people who’ve had small procedures done who never woke up, people who were fed uncooked pork and developed tapeworms. I knew a kid that swallowed fertilizer because a bonehead teacher had put it in a paper cup on his desk and the kid ended up with some brain damage. THOSE are people who deserve compassion and empathy.
      This woman will likely have no ongoing health issues from this and for that she is blessed. She’ll be wiser after this now by checking her food before she eats it. Which I think is the real lesson here.
      Still, I agree essentially with Vandellish. When you think of those less fortunate many of our own personal hardships, setbacks and misfortunes seem miniscule.
      Wit yo ol’ misplaced sympathy havin azz!

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