Lil’ Kim Reveals Her Big Secret: She’s Pregnant With First Child


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Lil’ Kim had a lil’ surprise for everyone at The Blonds fashion show this week. She showed up in a tight dress that revealed a very visible baby bump. The 39 year old rapper walked around proudly showing off her growing belly during MADE’s Fashion Week in New York where she was a performer.

She performed and announced her pregnancy during the after-party. She states that she is only a few months along at this point. The rapper says she is very excited and cannot wait to be a mother. Lil’ Kim said that she is still going to work and is still going to be “hardcore”, stating that the baby has made her into even more of a beast. While many are curious, there is no definite word on who the baby’s father is yet.

Before announcing her pregnancy, there was a lot of talk about the rapper and her face. Many say it is quite obvious that she has had some work done on her face and people are surprised that she denies. There are some distinct differences in her appearance; her face is lighter, her nose is narrower, and her whole face, including her lips, appears swollen.

In the beginning of 2013, there was much talk of her surgery that had been done, but the rapper claimed that she had never had plastic surgery. She said that the photos had been doctored because people didn’t like her and they didn’t like her music. Her publicist took to social media to try and discourage the rumors. Shortly after she took to Twitter to get out some of her frustration with the growing gossip as well. According to the rapper, people were just trying to bring down the “real” people, meaning herself.


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  1. Lil Kim has already been to jail for being delusional…like anybody cared that she was not a snitch…and now she “fronts” that she has not had cosmetic surgery…pu-leese…I would seriously check out that baby bump…it could be a prosthetic/prop…that is a pretty big belly for “just a few months along”…we’ll see…just don’t get incorporated in her delusional world…who needs a “hardcore beast” for a mother?

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