Live Alkaline Water is the First-Ever Black-Owned Brand to Be Sold At Walmart


By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhauli-Moses

Photo credits: First Coast News

When it comes to achieving historical greatness as a black person who operates in industries that are conduits to business, culture, or any other commercialized division of American society, there is something to be said about being first in line.

According to a late 2018 press release from the mega business news machine Market Watch, a whopping $16.5 billion dollars exists in the U.S.-based bottled water industry. Trusted bottled water brands, such as Hinckley Springs and Alkaline Water Company represent a major part of the market share in this vast business environment.

When it comes to the demographic makeup of those at the ownership level in this American big business sector, black people are definitely an ethnic group that is presently underrepresented. However, a black man from the South named Robert McCray can definitely change this. He has the professional connections and links to a prestigious black family to make it happen.

McCray’s family has owned a natural alkaline water spring in North Caroline for the last 100 years. In Jacksonville, Florida, he teamed up with a magnate in health and natural medicine named Dr. Shayla McCreer (pictured). Mr. McCray and Dr. McCreer are the founders of their own Jacksonville-based company called Live Alkaline, a growing bottled water brand with promise.

Live Alkaline Water, LLC is the first-ever black-owned bottle water brand to go on sale at stores owned by the Walmart retail giant. But McCray and Dr. McCreer’s product didn’t just sit on the shelves for fan fare. It sold out in the first month like fans sell during a heatwave. The story behind Live Alkaline’s rise is quite powerful.

You can watch an exclusive report on this story by First Coast News below.

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