Live to be 100 Yrs Old: Ten Easy Steps to Living Longer


elderly womanBy: Krystle Crossman

When doctors tell people that they have cancer, most will try every medical treatment available until the end comes, but not Stamatis Moraitis. According to, he left the US, returned to Greece so that he could be buried with his family. He was given months to live. 45 years after his diagnosis, he was 98 years old and feeling better than ever. How did he do it? By healing himself instead of using harmful medical chemicals. Here are some ways that you can live to a ripe old age as well.

1. Take naps and sleep in when possible. Research has shown that taking regular naps can significantly decrease your risk of coronary diseases.

2. Don’t worry about being late to everything. You will get there when you get there. Worrying only triggers stress which can reduce your lifespan.

3. Grow your own garden and eat the produce. It is safer than what you are buying in the store due to pesticides and gardening can be relaxing.

4. Find your purpose or calling in life and hold on to it. Don’t give up on your dreams. When you are acting out your purpose, you will have a greater outlook on life and greater reason to get up in the morning.

5. Have s*x often. It is good for your health.

6. Take a placebo. Take something like a spoonful of honey and convince yourself that it will help you and your health. There is proof that placebos help so why not?

7. Walk up as many hills as possible. It is great exercise and it is free.

8. Find a community that you fit into based on your interests and personality. People live longer when they feel like they belong somewhere and have people to share that with.

9. Go to a church, temple, or any other place that you find spiritual or calming.

10. Surround yourself with others who practice the same lifestyle as you and have similar values.



  1. Mary Freckleton on

    I wish to be able to reach the agent is good as she does
    I will be trying everything that she said and hope and pray I never get cancer