Living a Lie: The Good, Bad and & Ugly


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Everyone  talks themselves up a bit now and then. Sometimes things aren’t going as well in life as you would like, so you practice deception on your own mind and convince yourself that you are better off than you are. There are some benefits to doing this, such as gaining confidence and a decrease in stress. But sometimes this self-deception can go a little too far. The lies can start building and you end up lying to others, or you can blind yourself to a problem that may need fixing.

Almost everyone one of us deceives our minds in one way or another. It is part of human nature. This practice removes negative spots from our lives. When you talk yourself up and deceive your brain from little problems, you could end up having better relationships with people and appear to have more confidence.

The self-deception can go a little too far sometimes in the case of love, money, and career. When you deceive yourself too much in these key areas, you run the risk of really damaging yourself in the long run. Say you are bogged down with bills. You convince yourself that it’s not that bad; you have plenty of money to cover everything, so you go out and spend a little. Then all of a sudden you don’t have money to pay the bills. Then you have to backpedal and pay off the unpaid bills before you pay the current ones and you end up drowning in a sea of debt because you convinced yourself that everything was fine.

There is no one person or one type of personality that is more prone to doing this than another. Everyone does it at some point because to face reality would cause a lot of stress. Allowing yourself to see flaws here and there leaves you humble and allows you to stay on track, so be careful of how much self-deception you practice.


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