“Living In Sin” Has Increased Especially for Uneducated Women Without Even a High School Diploma


cohabitationBy Staff Blogger

Serious relationships can be a great thing but the question of living together and then having a healthy marriage is one that keeps surfacing. Many couples are deciding that they don’t have to move towards marriage if they are not ready and cohabitation is becoming more and more mainstream these days. Women are more likely to live with a significant other as opposed to alone or with a friend. The CDC conducted a phone study of 12,279 women, all ages 15-44 between 2006 and 2010.

Forty-eight percent of the women that were surveyed stated that they were not married, but were living with a significant other. In 1995, that number was only thirty-four percent. Almost 20% of women who were cohabitating got pregnant within the first year of living with their significant other.

Cohabitation was found to be a universal thing. The only race that did not show significant numbers in this study was women of Asian descent. White women had a shorter cohabitation length with 19 months on average while Hispanic women born outside of the US had the longest length with 33 months average.

Women who are more educated tend to shy away from cohabitation. Forty-seven percent of women who had at least a Bachelor’s Degree cohabitated as opposed to the seventy percent that didn’t have even a high school diploma. Cohabitation before marriage is commonplace now and is almost a stepping stone to marriage.

The study found that some women cohabitated simply for the fact that they do not want to get married. They think that with marriage comes extra responsibility which is something that some are not ready for. Others just see it as a normal stepping stone in a relationship and something that should come before marriage to make sure you can stand living with the other person.




    • Have they been asked? What’s the point? They have proven their absolute lack of moral. No decent man will want them, and whoremongers don’t ask whores to get married. So, these whores will not get asked. And yes, they are whores, as MONEY is the reason that they don’t get marred — they get more benefits from the US taxpayer when they live in sin.

  1. Are they aware these are teh lasat days we are iving in and the living in sin is not a key to get into heaven? What are they going to do when Jesus comes like a thief in a night? Are they more concerned with satisfying the flesh or God with his laws and commands? I mean its up to them. I am not preaching on this I am only representing what Gods word says about the subject. Ppl talk about the gays which to…will not get them into heaven but what about the heteralsexual relationship sins? Its the same thing in Gods eyesight as drug user, alcoholic, murderer, etc! America needs to wake up and any other continents thinking thier ways of justifying sin due to a cultural thing is going to slip them on an upward bound. Ppl trip me out saying We all are a work in progress! Very true! But you cannot live by this statement to justifying what is not pleasing in Gods eyesight! Read your Bibles. If you don’t then you are just too busy and too busy for God.

  2. Okay shacking is the reason we use because we don’t want to get married? So you can’t live apart? A lot of the people who are shacking are the ones who are in members of churches ‘Christians’ I am not judging anyone because I have shacked in the past. But when you know better you do better. You can’t say you believe in the Bible or live by the Bible when you are shacking and having babies with someone who you are not married to. What example are you showing your children?

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  5. women are anxious to move away from their parents because they don’t want to live under anybody else’s rules and don’t want their behaviour questioned.

    and…they want to live rent free.

    women are anxious to move in with a man because they can assume control over the man.

    this is regardless of education or lack thereof. and a woman does not care what kind of man she moves in with that is why they get into so much trouble.

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