Look: Beyonce Is Now a Tiny Size 2


bey size 2By: Krystle Crossman

Beyoncé stepped out in style on the red carpet at the 2014 Grammy Awards. She was wearing a white/nude sheer dress that was designed by Michael Costello. Everyone was shocked at how much weight the singer had dropped since the birth of her child. The designer of the dress said that it was a size 2.

Over the last month it has been rumored that Bey has lost over 70 pounds. She started in on a vegetarian diet at the beginning of the year to help her lose some of her baby weight. After that she decided to try the new diet trend that has been going around called the 22-day vegan diet. Her husband, rapper Jay-Z, also decided to do the diet with her. They were inspired to do this by her trainer Marco Borges.

The duo would start their day out with a breakfast that was based on plants in the morning, a smoothie for lunch that was made of veggies, and then snacks through the day. For snacks they would eat things such as edamame and cucumbers. On top of the diet Bey also did a very rigorous exercise routine. She did a lot of intense dancing to prepare for upcoming performances as well as running and increased gym visits. Her trainer amped up her workouts to help her along the way.

The now trim singer had quite a few red carpet options awaiting her that night. Costello said that he had four other gowns other than the one that she chose, which was inspired by winter in New York. Her hair fell perfectly despite having just finished an intense performance with hubby Jay-Z.



  1. I am going to give credit where it is deserved. She looks fantastic.

    Quit hating on this woman because she does not know you and quite frankly I do not think she is paying attention.

    She is gorgeous and has it to show..

    I would like to say to her-You Go Girl!!!!

  2. To all our brothers and sisters;
    People can say what they want; and they do, but having followed her career since she was a teenager, I feel Beyonce is a Christian lady and no matter what happens, no matter what goes down, including the influence of her husband or anyone other evil, she will always remain high above the common fray. People can call her a member of the Illumaniti.(Who are satanic) But I simply don’t see her falling by the way side to the deficits of other entertainers.
    I like Bobby Brown, but I beleive if “My Love Whitney Huston” had, had a man as intelligent as she was, who was someone she could have trusted and beleived in, we’d still be enjoying her God given talents to this day.

    God bless Beyonce and keep her whole and sane. A-Men.

  3. she looked stunning that is a beautiful gown and the performance was so awesome and classy, sexy and classy just love those two together!!!jay was looking good too as always

  4. Oh, my, my Beyoncé looks real hot in that outfit. Her husband should be real proud of her, cause that’s a lot of weight to lose so fast. Great job B well done…U is going to get a lot of haters but that’s OK don’t mind them cause u look great…that’s the way to go black sister..

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